Chart House Appetizers

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  1. East Meets West
    2 oz of sliced, seared Ahi Tuna with fresh avocado slices drizzled in soy glaze and served on a bed of kim-chee slaw; paired with 2 oz of Tuna Tartare tossed in pico de gallo and soy glaze drizzled with kim-chee drizzle, wasabi cream and served with plantain chips.

    Garnish: sesame seeds, cilantro sprig

    Plate: rectangular

  2. Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
    U-15 Shrimp served chilled on a bed of ice, accompanied by cocktail sauce

    Garnish: Julienne green onion, lemon or chopped cilantro, lemon wedge, 2 cracker packets

    Plateware: black square, glass bowl or 12" round plate jerba glass

  3. Crab, Avocado and Mango Stack
    A layer of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with lightly spiced remoulade, a layer of fresh mango relish (mango, red bell pepper, red onion, and jalapeno) and a layer of fresh diced avocado

    Garnish: basil oil, sweet potato crisps

    Remoulade: mayo, cajun seasoning, a hint of cayenne pepper, capers, garlic powder, sweet pickle reslish and lemon juice
  4. Remoulade
    mayo, cajun seasoning, a hint of cayenne pepper, capers, garlic powder, sweet pickle reslish and lemon juice
  5. kim-chee sauce
    mayonaise and ciracha

  6. Oysters on the Half Shell
    1/2 dozen freshly shucked blue point oysters. Served chilled on crushed ice and blue rock salt with coktail sauce with a dollop of horseradish

    Garnish: lemon, parsley sprig, cocktail fork

    Plate: large round, stainless steel plate

    Come from North East US, mainly Connecticut

  7. Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls
    4 spring rolls (2 full rolls cut in half) in rice paper with lobster meat, shrimp, capellini noodles and fresh vegetables drizzled in kim-chee sauce and soy glaze. Served with citrus chili dipping sauce.

    Vegetables: cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper & cucumber

    Garnish: Chopped cilantro & red bell pepper mix

    Plateware: rectangle plate

  8. Hummus Trio
    3 oz each of roasted red pepper hummus, edamame hummus and traditional Mediterranean hummus accompanied with grilled pita and plantain chips

    Garnish: basil oil, chopped cilantro & red bell pepper mix

    Plateware: rectangle plate, paper-lined chip cone
  9. Calamari & Friends
    8 oz Calamari, red peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes and fresh jalapeno slices lightly breaded with rice flour and fried. Served with maranara and citrus chili sauce

    Garnish: chopped chives

    Plateware: tear drop plate

  10. Fried Asparagus
    5 Jumbo Asparagus Spears, breaded with parmesan panko and lightly fried, topped with blue cheese butter, dice fresh tomatoes and lemon shallot butter

    Garnish: chopped chives

    Plateware: tear drop plate

  11. Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
    5 oz jumbo lump crab cake baked and drizzled with tangy mustard sauce

    Garnish: lemon oval, chopped cilantro & red bell pepper mix

    Plateware: black square plate
  12. Bruschetta Sliders
    4 toast Points topped with prosciutto, melted Fontina cheese and diced tomatoes with basil drizzled with balsamic glaze. Served on a bed of Arugula and baby spinach tossed in a truffle lemon vinaigrette

    Garnish: crispy leeks, crispy proscuitto

    Plateware: rectangle plate

  13. Steamed Mussles
    One pound (appros 20/22) blue shell mussels sauteed in garlic and sherry wine or tomato basil, garlic, chopped parsley and white wine.

    Ask: garlic sherry or tomato white wine?

    Garnish: lemon, parsley, cocktail fork

    Plateware: white pasta bowl

  14. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
    5 crab stuffed button mushrooms, baked and stopped with Pontchartrain sauce and parmesan cheese, served over warm Pontchatrain (white wine) sauce and sprinkled with paprika

    Garnish: chopped chives, lemon oval

    Plateware: au gratin dish with underliner
  15. Clam chowder
    Thick, creamy New England style chowder with chopped clams, potatoes, celery and thyme

    Garnish: chopped chives; offer fresh ground pepper

    • Plateware: pewter crock with underliner
    • preset soup spoon

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