Computer Vocab

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  1. Posture Positions
    • feet flat on the floor
    • head straight across from monitor
    • sit up straight
    • arms relaxed,elbows in
    • wrists flat and even with keyboard
    • fingers curled
    • knees squared
    • shoulders relaxed
  2. Home Row asdf jkl;
    The place where your fingers always start and return to when keyboarding
  3. Monitor (also called a video display unit or VDU)
    The device that produces an image on the screen
  4. Boot
    To turn on the computer and load the system from the hard disk into computer memory
  5. Speed
    How many words you can type per minute
  6. W.P.M
    words per minute
  7. Accuracy (such as 80%)
    The percentage of correct keystrokes made during one timed period
  8. ASDF JKL;
    the 8 homerow keys
  9. Carpal tunnel syndrome ( a repetitive stress injury)
    The painful condition that can be caused by bending the wrists a lot while keyboarding
  10. ;
    The semicolon
  11. AUP
    Acceptable Use Policy- An agreement between the computer user and the school(or other organization) about using technology appropriately
  12. Peripheral
    Each separete piece of equipment attached to a computer system, usually an input or output device
  13. Input Devices Mouse,Keyboard,Microphone
    A peripheral device that sends data or information into a computer
  14. Output Devices Fax,headphones
    The computer sends information out to these peripheral devices
  15. Input & Output devices
    Peripheral devices such as cell phones,MP3 players, 3-in-1 printers
  16. Keyboard
    A peripheral device hat lets you "talk" to the computer (with your fingers) and input data
  17. Hardware
    The phsical devices that make up a computer system-these are things you can touch
  18. Software Safari,Firefox,Appleworks,Ultrakey
    Programs (applications) that are loaded and run on your computer
  19. CPU
    Central Processing Unit-The brain of the computer
  20. Hard drive
    The main storage device inside the computer where software and the operating system is located (also called the hard disk
  21. ROM
    Permanent memory that cannot be changed or erased
  22. RAM
    Temporary memory that is erased when the computer is shut down.(the practice we do in ultrakey is temporary)
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