Medical-Surgical Nursing

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  1. Adherence
    The process of faithfully following guidelines or directions
  2. Community
    An interacting population of individuals living together within a larger society
  3. Feedback
    The return of information about the results of input given to a person or a system
  4. Health education
    A variety of learning experiences designed to promote behaviors that facilitate health
  5. Health promotion
    The art and science of assisting people to change their lifestyle toward a higher state of wellness
  6. Learning
    The act of gaining knowledge and skill
  7. Learning Readiness
    The optimum time for learning to occur; usually corresponds to the learner’s perceived need and desire to obtain specific knowledge
  8. Nutrition
    The science that deals with food and nourishment in humans
  9. Physical Fitness
    The condition of being physically healthy as a result of proper exercise and nutrition
  10. Reinforcement
    The process of strengthening a given response or behavior to increase the likelihood that the behavior will continue
  11. Self-responsibility
    Personal accountability for one’s actions or behavior
  12. Stress management
    Behaviors and techniques used to strengthen a person’s resources against stress
  13. Teaching
    The imparting of knowledge
  14. Therapeutic regimen
    A routine that promotes health and healing
  15. Wellness
    A condition of good physical and emotional health sustained by a healthy lifestyle
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