Medical-Surgical Nursing

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  1. Anxiety
    An emotional state characterized by feelings of apprehension, discomfort, restlessness or worry
  2. Bereavement
    Feelings, thoughts, and responses that occur after a loss
  3. Depression
    State in which a person feels sad, distressed, and hopelessness, with little to no energy for normal activities
  4. Faith
    Belief and trust in God or a higher power
  5. Family
    A group whose members are related by reciprocal caring, mutual responsibilities, and loyalties
  6. Grief
    A universal response to any loss
  7. Holistic Health
    Promotion of the total health of mind, body and spirit
  8. Mental Disorder
    A state in which a person has deficits in functioning, has a distorted sense of self or the world, is unable to sustain relationships, or cannot handle stress or conflict effectively
  9. Mental Health
    A state in which a person can meet basic needs, assume responsibilities, sustain relationships, resolve conflicts, and grow throughout life
  10. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    The development of severe anxiety-type symptoms after the experience of a traumatic life event
  11. Spirituality
    Connectedness with self, others, a life force, or God that allows people to find meaning in life
  12. Substance Abuse
    A maladaptive pattern of drug use that causes physical and emotional harm with the potential or disruption of daily life
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