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  1. Define Hypothesis
    An educated guess
  2. Null Hypothesis
    The opposite of hypothesis
  3. Theory
    A hypothesis with a large body of evidence to support it
  4. Law
    A well-test theory that has become an immutable fact
  5. Variable
    A condition that exsist in more than one possible state
  6. Dependent
    Variable that must be held constant in an experiment
  7. Independent
    Variables that are allowed to fluctuate, the independent variable is the subject of the experiment
  8. Control Group
    A portion of the experiment that does not receive treatment
  9. Placebo
    A sugar pill used in drug trials, an individual in the trial will be unaware if they are receiving the treatment or a placebo to eliminate psychosomatic variables
  10. Placebo Effect
    Some test objects will respond to a placebo because they are told it is an actual treatment
  11. Double-Blind Study
    The experimenters do not know whether an individual subject is getting the treatment or placebo until the study is complete, eliminates experimenter bias as a variable.
  12. Characteristics of life on Earth
    • 1. Cellular
    • 2.DNA Based
    • 3.Reproduction
    • 4.Growth
    • 5.Metabolism
    • 6.Homeostasis
    • 7.Evolution
    • 8.Carbon/Water Based
  13. Non-Living examples
    • 1. Fire
    • 2. Viruses
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