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  1. Apparatus Insp. and Main.
    SOG 6-2-01
    Discharge Relief Valve should open with in .......... psi of working presure
    • 10 psi
    • pg 15
  2. Apparatus Insp. and Main.
    SOG 6-2-01
    When using a pressure govenor us it in ............. mode. Check opperation by closing the..................
    • pressure mode
    • closing the Tank Fill/recirculater valve
    • pg 15
  3. Apparatus Insp. and Main.
    SOG 6-2-01
    Opperate the transfer valve at ...........psi
    • 75 psi
    • pg 15
  4. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Volume =
    Pressure =
    • parallel
    • series
    • pg 15
  5. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Intake relief valve:
    • set at max desired intake usually grater than 150 psi
    • pg 15
  6. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Ladders will be raised and checked at least .....
    • weekly
    • pg 16
  7. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Stabilizers must set up in .........seconds or less (nfpa 1901)
    • 90 seconds
    • pg 17
  8. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    EPU is the Emergency Pump Unit. Check it every cycle. Turn off engine, battery and ign. on and opperate the EPU
    pg 18
  9. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    arial platforms will have ...... SCBA
    arial ladders will have ....... scba
    • 2
    • 1
    • pg 18
  10. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    R.I.T. Pack includes
    • air cylinder, hose lines and face biece mounted regulator
    • 200 ft search rope
    • pg 25
  11. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Waterous Float Pump fuel should be changed every.....
    Mark-3 Portable Pump-pump bearing must be greased after every .......hrs of use. fuel should be changed the same as waterous
    • month
    • 8hrs of use
    • pg 27
  12. Apparatus Insp. and Main. SOG 6-2-01
    Who checks the B.C. Vehical
    • engine driver
    • pg 27
  13. NIMS Compliance Proceduts SOG 9-1-03
    National Incident Mang. System. Provides a national comprehensive approach. Training records will be kept at........and certificates will be kept in.....
    • RMS and in File at the fire academy.
    • pg 1
  14. NIMS Compliance Proceduts SOG 9-1-03
    FF. Dr. Lt. Capt. Command
    will compleate
    Is-100, Is- 200, Is-700

    • all capt and command also Is-800.B
    • All Command will ICS-400
    • pg 1
  15. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    An f.d. member or outside agency wishing to us the burn building must obtain persion from......
    • Training and Safety Division Commander
    • and must be onsite for any burns

    pg 1
  16. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    Liver burns on the ..... and ...... floors only
    • first and second
    • pg 1
  17. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    Command on a live burn is
    One officer
    .............. will assume senior advisor role
    • Training and Safety Division Commander
    • pg 1
  18. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    A RESCUE unit will be in place comprised of experienced fire fighters, a charged line and a RIT crew with a min of ............ FF. A company officer shall be in charge of the RIT crew
    • 3.
    • pg 2
  19. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    Safety Officer: will be in attendance at ALL training fires and will have full authority to ....
    • interviene, controll or stop.
    • pg 2
  20. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    to reduce risk, Training participants will be broken in to groups of ........members and supervised by ..........
    • 4 members and supervised by one company officer.
    • p 2
  21. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    All FF involved in a burn must meet the performance objectives of FF1, NFPA 1001 in:
    • Forcible Entry
    • Protective Breathing Apparatus
    • Fire Hose, Nozzles and Appliances
    • Fire Streams
    • Ladders Ventilation Rescue Safety
    • Fire Behavior
  22. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    To enhance accountibility an officer will be designated as accountibility officer. Will initiate the ............ system
    • pg 3
  23. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    PAR Benchmarks are
    • - any report of traped or missing ff
    • - al crews reporting an "all clear"
    • - report of fire under control
    • - upon exiting the structure
    • - sudden haz event
    • - change from offensive to deffensive mode
    • - at discretion of command.
    • pg.3
  24. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    2 separate sources of hydrant water supply is necissary
    and at least ....... engine companies
    • 2
    • need a adequate water supply of 500 gallons per min.
    • hosline min 95 gpms
    • pg 4
  25. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    How many rescues on a live burn?
    • ALS company and a
    • rescue
    • pg 4
  26. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    Only Class ...... materials allowed for live burns and no.......... shall be used to ignite
    • A materials
    • no combustable or flammable liqueds (as defined by NFPA 30).
    • pg 4
  27. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    FIRESTARTER is assigined by command and is an experienced fire fighter. All ignitions will be monitored by .....
    • Safety officer
    • pg 4
  28. Live Burn Training Sog 9-1-05
    Notification of a live burn will be to:
    • Alarm Room On duty PIO
    • Safety Officer Air Quality control
    • Enviro Health and Animal Control
    • Emergency Operations center
    • Solid Waste Convenience Center
  29. Bood Decontamination SOG 9-2-02
    Boots must meet the standards of NFPA
    • 1971
    • pg 1
  30. Bood Decontamination SOG 9-2-02
    when cleaning wear PPE at a min of ........ and ......
    • latex gloves and eye wear
    • pg 1
  31. Bood Decontamination SOG 9-2-02
    moderate exposure: boot shall be washed and scrubbed in a ...... solution of bleach and water and liquid soap
  32. Bood Decontamination SOG 9-2-02
    Gross Exposures: are grossly contaminated footwear. Put in an ................... and taken to supply for app. cleaning
    • infectious control bag
    • pg. 1
  33. Bood Decontamination SOG 9-2-02
    Boots in fires must be flushed with water prior to leaving the fire ground. At the station clean them with a ....... cup of liquid soap mixed in ......gallon contianer of..... water
    • 1/4 cup of soap
    • 5 gallons of water
    • hot water
  34. Ortiz Study Session
    Sick Leave: When on Step 1 who does the Chairperson send letters to?
    • All B.C.s including FOC BC
    • Fire Chief
    • Each member of Sick Leave committee
  35. Ortiz Study Session
    How much sick leave is accrued in a pay period?
    5.4 hrs
  36. Ortiz Study Session
    How many days prior to your FMLA request start date do they have to let you know you received FMLA?
    2 days
  37. Ortiz Study Session
    How often should you let your suppervisor know about your status
    every 4 weeks
  38. Ortiz Study Session
    When on FMLA, the City may request additional documentation. How often can they do this?
    no more than once every 30 days
  39. Ortiz Study Session
    How many weeks of FMLA can you use in a 12 month period
    12 weeks
  40. Ortiz Study Session
    Can you use your FMLA 12 months after incident?
    No, must use within the first year
  41. Ortiz Study Session
    Can you use sick leave on a Special day?
    Yes, but need a dr.'s note. You maybe charged LWOP till you have a note
  42. Ortiz Study Session (not sure on this)
    How many consecutive 24 hour shifts off do you need a release from your dr.?
    4, 24 hr shifts (check this)
  43. Ortiz Study Session
    How many 24hr shifts can you take off for barevement leave?
    2. in addition to a 24 hr for every 500 miles travel in 1 direction.
  44. Ortiz Study Session
    What time must you report off sick for sick leave
    6 am the morning of your shift
  45. Ortiz Study Session
    What is Max Comp time
    480 hrs
  46. Ortiz Study Session
    Alarm Room Min. Staffing
    Arson min. staffing
    Rescue Min. staffing
    • 5
    • 1 Lt. (driver will be upgrated)
    • 37
  47. Ortiz Study Session
    What is the overtime call list?
    • 1. comp time list
    • 2. 24 hr sign ups
    • 3. 10 or 14 hr sign ups
  48. Ortiz Study Session
    when does overtime roll over?
    1st of each year
  49. Ortiz Study Session
    What is min. suppression
    160 or 123??????
  50. Ortiz Study Session
    Order for upgrading
    • 1 promoted floaters
    • 2 promo list
    • 3. certified: in house, in bat, city wide
  51. Ortiz Study Session
    If refusing to upgrade, who must you submit a letter to?
    • The Fire Chief
    • 12 yrs or more will respect your refusal
    • less than 12 yrs F.C. can reject your letter
  52. Ortiz Study Session
    Order of disipline for Tardy
    • Letter of Instruction
    • Letter of Cautionary Advisement
    • verbal/written reprimend
    • suspension 3days, 10 days, 60 days
    • (what time is tardy?)
  53. Ortiz Study Session
    When AWOL what are the levels of suspension
    • 3, 10, 60
    • AWOL is 2 hours after shift start
  54. Ortiz Study Session
    How many consecutive shifts of AWOL constitutes resignation
    3 consecutive shifts
  55. Ortiz Study Session
    SKP (sick leave personal)
    Order of contact
    • Contact B.C. then B.C. contact FOC
    • (???)
  56. Ortiz Study Session
    What consititues and MCI?
    • 5 or more
    • Low level is 5-25
    • High level is 25-100
    • Disaster is 100 pt
  57. Ortiz Study Session
    MCI: Use triage tags at ........ or more transportable pt. Establish command and take from 55 if they arrived first
  58. Ortiz Study Session
    MCI: what is the final MCI benchmark
    all immidiate transported
  59. Ortiz Study Session
    DNR: If they cannot produce a DNR, what do you do?
    fully recesitate
  60. Ortiz Study Session
    If 55 restrains a pt., who must travel in the back?
    • I medic and 1 emt
    • can't handcuff, can't lay prone
  61. Ortiz Study Session
    Football head injury: Leave helmet on with pads (keeps all in line). If no pads, remove helmet. Under what circumstance can you take them off
    If CPR is needed
  62. Ortiz Study Session
    Burn: When can you use a cold moist dressing?
    when the burn is less than 10 percent
  63. Ortiz Study Session
    Birth: Where do you place the clamp on the umbilical chord
    6 to 8 inches from vagina (?)
  64. Ortiz Study Session
    How do you lay a pt activily seizing?
    left lateral recumbant
  65. Ortiz Study Session
    Neloxone dose
    • .4 mg in 1cc up to 5 times for a total of
    • 2mg
  66. Ortiz Study Session
    How long do you check the pulse of a hypothermia pt?
    30 to 45 sec
  67. Ortiz Study Session
    Hypoglycimic- Can we turn of the insuline pump?
    • No, only pt or family if pt is unconcious
    • Hyperglycimic- don't turn off
  68. Ortiz Study Session
    Albuteral dose?
    • Children 2 and under 2.5 mg in 3 cc
    • over 2 is 5mg in 6 cc
    • whezzing a key indicator
  69. Ortiz Study Session
    EPI Pen:
    Pt can do it. If we must we have to get approval of MCEP
  70. Ortiz Study Session
    When do we shock?
    v-fib and pulsless v-tac
  71. Ortiz Study Session
    Containdication for Nitro
    • systolic less than 100
    • onboard erection medication (viagra, cialis)
  72. Ortiz Study Session
    Combitube- When suctioning EMTB can suction in the gastric tube, Medics must suction on tracial
    If combitube is a no go the first try remove oxyginate for 30 sec and retry
  73. Ortiz Study Session
    Medics will attempt how many times to intubate before just using a combitube?
    2 times
  74. Ortiz Study Session
    If disiplined, how many years will it stay in your file?
    4 yr unless another infraction then an additonal year
  75. Ortiz Study Session
    If officers eyes on scene must do as they say or it is .....
  76. Ortiz Study Session
    Only time you can refuse if the act is........ or.......
    illlegal or immoral
  77. Ortiz Study Session
    Discipline- How long does an officer have to investigate and issue
    • 10 days
    • Discipline is considered succesful if after 4 years no other problems
  78. Ortiz Study Session
    What is the difference between a witness and a representative in a hearing?
    • Witness just verifies what is going on in the hearing (obserrving_
    • Representative can assist in the process
  79. Ortiz Study Session
    If found inocent...
    get your back pay and maintain accrual of hrs.
  80. Ortiz Study Session
    Suspension: How long?
    • 1-5 days average off is 3 days
    • You do not accrue sick or vacation
  81. Ortiz Study Session
    Probation may be extended but once off.......
    you can not be placed back in probation
  82. Ortiz Study Session
    Lay offs: City will notify ............. days before layoff. Union needs time to propose other measures. Lay off ........... senior. City will give employee.......... days heads up prior to lay off
    • 21
    • least
    • 14
  83. Ortiz Study Session
    Who is on the academic commitee
    Comander of the academy, Rep of Union and Fire Chief or his designee
  84. Ortiz Study Session
    Incentive pay is ......
    • $1/credit hour
    • must be a C or better and
    • have at least 15 credit hours
  85. Ortiz Study Session
    City Funeral Expenses
    City will cover glasses up to
    • $10,000
    • $200
  86. Ortiz Study Session
    How long do you have to appeal a written repremend?
    10 days after you were infomed and must be in writing
  87. Ortiz Study Session
    Pay for TUF?
    • 10% between ranks
    • must accept unless letter w/ chiefs signature
  88. Ortiz Study Session
    When promoted what is the pay increase
    ff to dr to lt to capt it is 10%
  89. Ortiz Study Session
    If you are hurt on duty how long do you have to recover to return to work at same rate and pay?

    off duty injury?
    • 36 month on duty injury
    • 24 months off duty injury
  90. Ortiz Study Session
    Fitness Evaluation
    must notify 6 months before implementation. Not jsut cause for disciplinary action
  91. Ortiz Study Session
    Occupational Health Safety Committee consists of who?
    • 2 chiefs, 2 union appointees on same shift, safty officer
    • appointed for 1 year december to november
  92. Ortiz Study Session
    City uniform change. How long to notify if city wants to change?
    30 days so to discuss with Union
  93. Ortiz Study Session
    Max Employee trade on shift
    3 trades
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