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  1. albumin
    a necessary protien substance produced in the liver; levels are reduced in malnutrition and in hepatic and renal deseases.
  2. arthritis
    inflammation of the joints
  3. debilitating
    causing weakness or lack of strength
  4. dehydration
    condition resulting from either excessive loss or inadequate intake of body water
  5. dermatology
    the study of the skin
  6. diffuse
    [adj]widely distributed, not concentrated;{v} to pass through or disperse through tissue of body structure
  7. distally
    in a rmote direction; opposite of proximal or near
  8. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  9. enteritis
    inflammation of the intestine; particualarly the small intestine
  10. erosion
    destruction of the surface of the epidermis, which heals without scar tissue
  11. erythema
    redness of the skin produced by abnormal accumulation of blood
  12. exophthalmos
    abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
  13. fissuring
    splitting, normal or otherwise; can include painful ulcerations
  14. gingiva
    the pale pink tissues of the oral mucosa, otherwise known as the gums.
  15. hyperpigmentation
    abnormally increased coloration
  16. IV hydration
    receiving fluid intravenously
  17. kyphosis
    abnormally increased curvature of the thoracic spine, humpback
  18. macular
    pertaining to the presence of a macule; a nonelevated, discolored spot on the skin
  19. nephrocalcinosis
    diffusely scattered calcifications in the kidneys leading to renal insufficiency
  20. palate
    roof of the mouth
  21. pitting edema
    when too much fluid is in the tissues [edema], a finger pressing on the skin leaves pitting intentations or areas of pitting in the skin.
  22. posterior pharynx
    the back of the throat
  23. quiescent
    at rest; inactive
  24. stomatitis
    inflammation of the oral mucosa, the mucous membrane of the mouth
  25. topically
    referring to a surface area; applying a substance to a certain surface area of the skin.
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