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  1. What is a Royal Colony
    A colony ruled by a King
  2. Explain what the stamp act was:
    It was a tax on newspapers, books and other important documents
  3. Why did the colonist want to become a Royal Colony?
    They were still afraid of being attacked from the Native Americans and they wanted the king to take better care of the colony
  4. Why did South Carolinians become unhappy with the Lords Proprietors
    The proprietors did not want to spend the money on the colonies
  5. Who were the Regulators?
    British officials sent to enforce laws in the Up Country
  6. Why was the government in Charles Town unable to enforce laws and protect settlers in the Up Country
    The Up Country was too far away.
  7. South Carolina became only the second of the thirteen colonies to write a
  8. Who was Francis Nicholson?
    The first royal governor of the South Carolina colony
  9. Why did the French Huguenots and the European Jews attraced to the colony?
    They wanted religous freedom
  10. How did South Carolina become one of the richest colonies:
    Rice and indigo plantations wer run by African slave labor
  11. Who was the first person to sell indigo crop in the colony?
    Eliza Lucas Pinckney
  12. Where did the Colonist get their plantation system from
  13. What did the sourthern part of the Colony of Carolina become:
  14. How did the Lords Proprietors attract new settlers to the colonies:
    By offering them free land
  15. Who were the Lords Proprietors
    Men who were given land from the King to pay a debt
  16. Which Lords Proprietor has two rivers name after him?
    Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper
  17. What decision was made as a result of the First Continental Congress:
    They would boycott British goods and reduce trade with Great Britain.
  18. Describe a typical work day for an African slave:
    The daily life included hard work and long hours in the fields that benefitted the plantation owner not the worker.
  19. From where was slavery brought to South Carolina?
    Plantations in the West Indies
  20. What is an Immigrant?
    A person who comes to live in a new country
  21. What is a tax?
    Money that the government collects from citizens to pay for expenses
  22. What is an export?
    A good that is produced in one country and shipped to an other to be sold
  23. What is an economy?
    The way products are made, bought, and soled in a country or area
  24. What is a boycott?
    A protest in which people refuse to use certain goods
  25. What is a Constitution?
    A series of laws that govern a nation, state or group.
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