Science Review

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  1. In which Earth's layer do we live on?
  2. Which is the largest part of the Earth's interior?
    The mantle
  3. Mountains are changed over long periods of time by____________________
    Weathing & Erosion
  4. Heat and pressure are very important for materials to change into_____________
    Metamorphic rocks
  5. What are sediments?
    When rocks are broken down into small pieces by weathering.
  6. How are Igneous rocks formed?
    This type of rock is formed from melting and cooling.
  7. What is cementation?
    When small pieces of rock material stick together because of minerals in water form a glue like substance.
  8. How are Sedimentary rocks formed?
    These rocks are formed through the build up of sediments.
  9. Igneous rocks can be changed into metamorphic rocks in this location?
    Deep underground
  10. What is Pangea?
    All of the earth's continents being together in one large landmass millions of years ago.
  11. When do Earthquakes occur?
    When tectonic plates move along each other's boundaries.
  12. Show me with your hands a convergent plate movement
    ______/ /_________
  13. What are some results of plate movement?
    Earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain build up.
  14. What are three physical properties of rocks?
    Shape, color and hardness
  15. In which Earth's tectonic plate is Texas?
    North American plate
  16. Why does the Earth's crust still moves?
    Because of the convenction currents in the mantle.
  17. Show me with your hands a divergent plant movement.
    /________ __________/
  18. What is the location of the Ring of Fire?
    The Pacific Plate.
  19. Where do Earth tectonic plates move slowly in a putty like mantle?
  20. How is the size of an earthquake measured?
  21. How were the Hawaiian islands formed?
    They were formed by the volcanic action.
  22. What is the name of the scientific that presented the theory of the Continental Drift in 1912?
    Alfred Wegener.
  23. What is a focus?
    The point under the ground where the earthquake begins.
  24. What is the instrument or tool used to measured the magnitude of an earthquake?
  25. What are tectonic plates?
    Large sections from the Earth's crust.
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