Med terms

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  1. angio edema
    swelling skin and mucus membranes due to allergic reaction
  2. Amenorrhea
    without period, sign of prego
  3. aniscoria
    unequal pupils
  4. ascites
    third space loss of fluid into abdomen
  5. cephalgia
  6. cerebral neoplasm
    tumor in brain
  7. dysconjugate gaze
    eye movement not in unison
  8. emesis
  9. extrasystole
  10. hematuria
    blood in urine
  11. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  12. hemotoxin
    substance that destroys RBCs
  13. hyphema
    blood in anterior chamber of eye
  14. hypoperfusion
    impending shock symptoms
  15. ipsilateral
    same side
  16. contralateral
    opposite side
  17. ischemia
    lack of 02 to tissue
  18. lymphoma
    growth of tissue in the lymph system
  19. melena
    black stools
  20. necrosis
    dealth of tissue
  21. otitis media
    middle ear infection common in children
  22. orthopnea
    diff breathing in flat position
  23. paresthesia
  24. photophobia
    sensitivity to light
  25. pleural effusion
    fluid in the pleural cavity
  26. pulsus paradoxus
    pulse weaker during inspiration, stronger during expiration
  27. thrombus
    blood clot
  28. tinnitus
    ringing in the ears
  29. trismus
    clinching of the muscles in the mandibles
  30. urticaria
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