Week 7

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  1. When achieving
    success, most Asian-Americans are taught to:
    c. Be humble
  2. You can tell who is
    gay or lesbian by:
    • d. None of the above
    • (a. Their mannerisms; b. Whom they associate with; c. The kinds of personal
    • stories they share; d. None of the above)
  3. In group sessions,
    some Japanese find it hard to share their feelings and ideas because:
    • c. They feel it’s
    • wrong to tell personal experiences in public
  4. As the year 2000,
    which one of the following ethnic minority groups is the largest in the U.S.?
    b. Hispanics
  5. In most
    Asian-American cultures, a sign of respect to another person is indicated by:
    • b. Looking down and
    • avoiding eye contact
  6. When communicating
    with others, people from traditional Italian and Latino backgrounds tend to stand:
    • b. Closer from the
    • other person than people from North American cultures
  7. The “glass ceiling”
    theory in organizational life refers to
    • b. The frustrating
    • limits that women and minorities experience in promotions, especially at
    • mid-to-senior levels of management
  8. One of the most
    common complaints of employees with physical disabilities is:
    • b. They are treated
    • as though they are invisible
  9. When a woman is in
    control of a communication dynamic with a male, she will tend to stand:
    • b. Farther from the
    • man than he will stand from her
  10. White man now
    • c. 48% of the
    • workforce
  11. Currently, the new
    entrants into the workforce are comprised of:
    • b. 75% minorities,
    • women and immigrants
  12. Many managers “walk
    on eggs” around female and minority workers. As a result they fail to
    supervise fully and fail to give effective performance feedback. This results
    d. All of the above
  13. The concept of America as “melting pot” is:
    • c. An outmoded
    • sociological description that has caused many diverse groups to either lose
    • their identity or remain outside the U.S. mainstream
  14. Corporate managers
    from diverse Asian-American backgrounds have consistently
    observed that:
    • c. They have been
    • assumed to be good at technical tasks but weak in people management
  15. Affirmative action
    programs are designed to:
    • b. Open access to
    • potential employees who had previously been excluded from equal
    • competition for jobs within particular organizations
  16. In a number of major
    cities, incidents of violence based upon overt prejudice against members of a
    group was found to be highest against:
    c. Gays and Lesbians
  17. When referring to our
    own or someone else’s culture, (taste in food, dress, music; beliefs,
    traditions, customs, language, interactional etiquette) which of the following
    statements is NOT true?
    • d. Culture is
    • inherited
  18. According to our
    "Diversity Layers", which dimension does NOT apply to each of us?
    • d. None of the above
    • (a. Organizational; b. External; c. Personal; d. None of the above)
  19. Our personal perceptions
    have a major impact on whether and or how we interact with others.
    a. True
  20. What percentage of
    interpersonal communications is non-verbal?
    • c. 70% of
    • communication
  21. What is requirement
    to be eligible for FMLA?
    • must have worked 1250
    • HRS worked within 12 months.
  22. Is it acceptable to
    make an allowance and give an entry level test to someone with dyslexia?
    Oral Test
  23. If your city or
    county government receives Federal assistance you agency must comply with what?
    • Uniform Guidelines on
    • Employee Selection Procedures
  24. Under the provisions of the Americans with
    Disabilities Act, a person is considered to be disabled if he or she has
    A restriction on major life activities
  25. Under the provisions
    of the ADA, a major life activity includes what?
    • breathing, seeing,
    • hearing, caring for self, walking
  26. Individuals who may
    not be required to be paid overtime include:
    • Executives (Chief or
    • Sheriff), Administrators (People that make recommendations to the executive on
    • hiring and firing), & Professionals (Teacher, Lawyer, Pilot)
  27. Spouse of an employee
    killed in the line of duty would be eligible for health insurance coverage
    under which Federal Law?
    • Consolidated Omnibus
    • Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
  28. Requiring an
    applicant or entry level police officer to be at least 5’10’’ tall would be an
    example of a:
    Disparate Impact
  29. Garcia vs. San
    Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority is a Supreme Court case which what?
    • mandated coverage of
    • protected employees on hours worked over 40
  30. Age Discrimination
    and Employment Act prohibits discrimination against an employee who is at least
    40 years of age
  31. The procedure for
    identifying and determining in detail the task and sequences of tasks necessary
    to perform a job is a?
    Job Task Analysis
  32. The purpose of a Job
    task analysis includes which of the following?
    • Selection Procedures,
    • Determining Training Needs, Compensation, Performance Reviews,
  33. When conducting a job
    task analysis which of the following aspects of the job are analyzed?
    • Job duties and tasks,
    • Environment, tools and equipment, human behaviors, human requirements
  34. ADA stands for?
    • Americans with
    • Disabilities Act
  35. Summerize the
    employment provision of the ADA
    • Under the employment
    • provision of the ADA, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate
    • against a qualified individual with a disability.
  36. ADA applies to whom?
    • Applicants and
    • current employees
  37. Describe a qualified
    individual as it applies to the ADA
    • A qualifed individual
    • with a disability means an individual with a disability who, with or without
    • reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the employment
    • position.
  38. FLSA stands for?
    • Fair Labor Standards
    • Act
  39. As used in the Civil
    Rights Act of 1964, describe Disparate Treatment
    • Disparate Treatment
    • occurs when an individual suffers direct and deliberate discrimination.
    • (Ex. A minority job applicant being denied employment because a supervisor
    • "can't work with blacks"
  40. As used in the Civil
    Rights Act of 1964, describe Disparate Impact
    • Disparate Impact
    • occurs when a discrimination occurs because of a personnel policy or procedure
    • (Ex. All applicants for a police office must be5'10" tall)
  41. What is ADEA?
    • Age Descrimination in
    • Employment Act
  42. Whom does the ADEA
    apply to?
    • Individuals at least
    • 40 years old
  43. Exceptions to ADEA
    • Age is a BFOQ (bona
    • fide occupational qualification) reasonably necessary to the normal operation
    • of the particular business, Bona fide seniority system that is not intended to
    • evade the ADEA, & Certain bona fide executive or high policymaking
    • employees (under certain conditions)
  44. FMLA stnds for?
    • Family & Medical
    • Leave Act
  45. Describe FMLA
    • 12 months for the employer AND 1,250 hours
    • during the 12 months immediately preceding the date
  46. When do the Uniform
    Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedure apply to your agency?
    • If your government
    • receives federal funds, that government must comply with the guidelines
  47. Describe Garrity v. New Jersey
    • The U.S. Supreme
    • Court ruled inGarrity v. New Jerseythat a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment
    • occurs when the government uses a police officer’s statement in a criminal
    • trial against that officer when the statement resulted from his being told that
    • he might lose his job if he failed to answer the questions.
  48. Describe Ricci v.
    • White & Hispanic
    • firefighters sued New Haven Connecticut for racial descrimination based on disparate
    • impact when the city invalidated a promotional test because no black
    • firefighters scored high enough to be promoted
  49. List the basic
    functions of Human Resource Administration
    • Job Task Analysis,
    • Salary & Benefit Administration, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment, Job
    • Interviewing, Promotion, Ethics, Supervision, and Management
  50. What is an example of
    an achievmen test that will predict performance in reading, reading
    comprehension, spelling, grammar, conceptual math, and applied math?
    • Test of Adult Basic
    • Education (TABE)
  51. Why is the
    achievement test discussed used?
    • It is cost effective
    • & it is a reliable indicator of success potential in the basic law
    • enforcement training process
  52. A recruitment brochure should contain what?
    • Wage/salary information
    • –Minimum qualifications
    • –Steps of the selection process
    • –How an application blank can be obtained
  53. An application for employment should contain the following on a mandatory basis?
    Lots of slides on this one, not sure what exactly he wants.
  54. Aspects of a structured interview contain what?
    • Setting, Job specifications should be reviewed, Documentation, Standardized, Scoring, Train the Interviewers,
    • Job Related Questions, Interview Committee
  55. The kind of test which is the best predictor to do a job is what
    TABE test
  56. US supreme court ruling in reference to the violation of a police officer’s rights.
    Garrity vs. New Jersey
  57. List of human resource administration functions. (will need to identify the one which doesn’t fit)
    • •Job Task Analysis
    • •Salary and Benefit Administration
    • •Performance appraisal
    • •Recruitment
    • •Job Interviewing
    • •Promotion
    • •Ethics
    • •Supervision
    • •Management
  58. Sallary
    of a field sergeant based on what?
    Job Task Analysis
  59. Steps
    of a properly established salary and benefit program include?
    • How do we get there?
    • –Conduct salary survey
    • –Conduct job task analysis
    • –Establish benchmark positions
    • –Group jobs requiring similar tasks and responsibilities into Pay Grades
    • –Assign each Pay Grade a monetary value
  60. Ethical Decision Making
    • •An ethical person often chooses to do more than the law requires and less than the
    • law allows
    • •The ethical person is concerned with what is right to do, not with what they have a right do
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