das Chapter 2

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  1. adipose
    full of/pertaining to fat
  2. cartilage
    flexible connective tissue
  3. chondrosarcoma
    tumor of flesh cartilage
  4. chromosome
    colorful body
  5. crainotomy
    cutting into skull
  6. epithelial cells
    skin cells
  7. histology
    study of tissue
  8. inguinal region
    • pertaining to groin region
    • lower left and right
  9. karyotype
    picture of nucleus
  10. larynx
    voice box
  11. mitochondria
    structure of cell
  12. pharynx
  13. pituitary gland
    endocrine gland at base of neck
  14. sagittal plane
    divides body into left and right
  15. thyroid gland
    endocrine gland in neck
  16. tracheal
    pertaining to the trachea
  17. transverse plane
    horizontal plane
  18. umbilical region
    central or navel region
  19. urethra
    tube from bladder to outside
  20. visceral
    pertaining to internal organs
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