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  1. 208-03 Arrests - General Processing-- Should the prisoner request to telephone an individual with a hearing or speech disability,what do you dial?
    “711” for the Telecommunications Relay Service operator and be instructed accordingly
  2. 208-04 Arrest by a Civilian-- As per this procedure, who determines if there is reasonable cause to believe that person arrested committed the offense in question or any related offense and if civilian has authority to make arrest?
  3. I.O. 14 s 11 208-05, "ARRESTS -GENERAL SEARCH GUIDELINES -- A strip search may only be conducted when ?
    When the arresting officer reasonably suspects that weapons, contraband or evidence may be concealed upon the person or in the clothing in such a manner that they may not be discovered by the previous search methods
  4. I.O. 14 s 11 208-05, "ARRESTS -GENERAL SEARCH GUIDELINES-- If a strip search is conducted, such information will be entered where?
    in the Command Log, arresting officer’s ACTIVITY LOG, and also documented on the ON LINE BOOKING SYSTEM ARRESTWORKSHEET or the ARREST REPORT SUPPLEMENT
  5. 208-52 Traffic Violations-- Upon arresting a person for violation of traffic regulations----DESK OFFICER if person arrested on traffic warrant enter what ? on ON LINE BOOKING SYSTEM ARREST WORKSHEET under arrest number ?
  6. 208-07 Photographable Offenses -- A hospitalized prisoner who is charged with a photographable misdemeanor may be issued a Desk Appearance Ticket, if eligible, Will criminal photographs be taken?
    criminal photographs will NOT be taken
  7. 208-07 Photographable Offenses-- Photographs are no longer required for criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth(4th) degree if the weapon is NOT?
    a firearm.
  8. 208-08 Fingerprintable Offenses-- Fingerprints and palmprints may be taken if the AO is unable to ?
    • --ascertain prisoner’s identity
    • --reasonably suspects identity given is not accurate
    • ---or if the officer reasonably suspects that the person is wanted by another law enforcement Agency
  9. 208-10 Alternate Procedure for Arrest Number Generation-- IF ON LINE BOOKING SYSTEM IS DOWN CITYWIDE,the DESK OFFICER/SUPERVISOR will ?
    Contact supervisor at borough central booking facility concerned
  10. 208-11 Livescan I.O. 19 s.05-- The “LIVESCAN” machine should remain ______ and the scanner covers of the machine______________ when not in use
    • “ON”
    • “CLOSED, ”
  11. 208-14 Arrest by Uniformed Member Outside City-- When a uniformed member of the service effects an arrest outside New YorkCity when not specifically assigned or ordered the will notify who IMMEDIATELY?
    Notify Operations Unit immediately of all facts
  12. 208-14 Arrest by Uniformed Member Outside City.-- Who prepares UNUSUAL OCCURRENCE REPORT, LINE OF DUTY INJURY REPORT and ACCIDENT REPORT - CITY INVOLVED if required?
  13. 208-14 Arrest by Uniformed Member Outside City-- Who prepares detailed report of incident for Chief of Department?
  14. 208-14 Arrest by Uniformed Member Outside City-- Who makes the determination for a duty captain to respond to an incident involving an arrest effected by a uniformed member of the serviceoutside the residence counties?
    The Operations Unit
  15. 208-20 Turnover Arrests-- According to this procedure, who are the three types of Supervisors that may assign a uniformed member of the service to process a turnover arrest?
    • patrol supervisor
    • desk officer
    • or other ranking officer in charge of a detail
  16. 208-27 D.A.T. General Procedure I.O .55 s. 09-- The decision to issue a DAT to an eligible prisoner rests solely with the desk officer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE PRISONER BE RELEASED UNTIL?
  17. 208-28 ID Standards for DATs I.O.57 s. 09-- Prisoners who knowingly misrepresent their pedigree information should be charged with?
    False Personation
  18. 208-30 DAT Hospitalized Prisoner I.O.60 s. 09-- As per this procedure, who determines condition of prisoner and duration of confinement?
    patrol supervisor under the direction of the desk officer.
  19. 208-34 Bribery Arrest by Uniformed Members of the Service-- WHO is responsible for the follow-up and final disposition reports?
    Commanding officers of uniformed members of the service who effect bribery arrests
    Respond to command of arrest/designated arrest processing facility and confer with A D A and arresting officer
  21. 208-34 Bribery Arrest by Uniformed Members of the Service-- RE: the ADA's refusal to charge Bribery, when does the PCT C.O./Duty Capt. confer with supervising ADA ?
    if not in agreement with Assistant District Attorney
  22. 208-34 Bribery Arrest by Uniformed Members of the Service-- How will the COMMANDING OFFICER OF MEMBER CONCERNED signify INSPECTION of a Decline Prosecution Report?
    by signing rear of Decline Prosecution Report
  23. 208-37 Family Offenses and Domestic Violence Involving Uniformed MOS-- When there is doubt as to who is the offender and who is the victim, or if there is a cross-complaint situation, the P/S will notify who?
    the commanding officer/duty captain will be notified and will determine the course of action.
  24. 208-37 Family Offenses and Domestic Violence Involving Uniformed MOS--WHEN THE MEMBER OF THE SERVICE IS A VICTIM WHO ensures that appropriate action is taken and apprises parties of the availability of counseling?
    precinct commanding officer/duty captain
  25. 208-37 Family Offenses and Domestic Violence Involving Uniformed MOS-- If the offender is not present and further investigation is required, THE C.O. Duty Capt will
    conferwith the Internal Affairs Bureau and request assistance if needed.
  26. 208-37 Family Offenses and Domestic Violence Involving Uniformed MOS-- In all circumstances, no matter where issued, when a member of the service (uniformed orcivilian) becomes aware that he or she is the respondent/defendant on an Order of Protection, the member concerned MUST ?
    IMMEDIATELY notify his/her commanding officer/supervisory head
  27. 208-38 New York State Order of Protection Registry--
    Telephone Central Records Division, Identification Section, to verify the existence of the order
  28. 208-39 Domestic Violence Photgraphing I.O. 17 s. 08--When working in the field, domestic violence prevention officers should respond to ?
    the scenewhere a domestic violence digital camera has been requested
  29. 208-39 Domestic Violence Photgraphing I.O. 17 s. 08--What two places can you find Instructions for the use of the domestic violence digital camera and the uploading of domestic violence photos into the Domestic Violence Photo Database?
    Command Reference Library, and on the Department Intranet Site
  30. 208-39 Domestic Violence Photgraphing I.O. 17 s. 08-The domestic violence camera and capture station must be maintained where?
    in the vicinity of the command desk
  31. 208-39 Domestic Violence Photgraphing I.O. 17 s. 08 - who will ensure that digital cameras are accessible at all times.
    Commanding officers
  32. Police officers can temporarily detain a motorist younger than ___________, for the purpose of administering a chemical test upon reasonable grounds to believe that the individual is operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol
    twenty-one (21) years of age
  33. 208-41 Persons Under Twenty-One _21_ Operating a Motor Vehicle-- Since an individual who violates this statute is detained rather than arrested, an individual who resists detention or attempts to escape a lawful stop would be subject to arrest for?
    Obstructing Governmental Administration
  34. 208-44 Prostitution-- regarding arrest for prostitution, a COMPLAINT REPORT is _________,however fingerprints and photos are _________.
    is not prepared, however fingerprints &photos are taken
  35. 208-45 Loitering for Purposes of Prostitution-- A COMPLAINT REPORT is _________ for a pick-up arrest effected for “Loitering for Purposes of Prostitution", however, fingerprints _______ for this arrest.
    • NOT prepared
    • MUST be taken
  36. 208-47 Counterfeiting.Forging U.S. Government Obligations -- accournding to this procedure, an account number is concidered to be an ?
  37. 208-48 Violation of Postal Laws--Threats of personal injury or property damage transmitted through the US Mail are investigated by?
    the FBI
  38. 208-48 Violation of Postal Laws-- Thefts of Treasury checks from the US Mail and counterfeiting of postage stamps areinvestigated concurrently by
    the US Postal Inspection Service and the Secret Service
  39. 208-61 Material Witness-- When assigned to guard a material witness, follow instructions of?
    assistant district attorney and detective squad commander
  40. 208-67 Follow-up Investigations on Decline Prosecution -COMMANDING OFFICER/COUNTERPART will have DECLINE PROSECUTION ARREST CASE REPORT prepared and ensure that REPORT is forwarded to borough Court Section within ___ days of receiving District Attorney’s request.
    ten(10) business
  41. 208-70 NYS DIR Database -- The ______ will prepare a Domestic Incident Report for walk-in complainants reporting domestic incidents whenever the command’s domestic violence officer is not available to do so
    command clerk
  42. 208-71 Bail Enforcement Agents--Members of the service seeking additional guidance regarding bail enforcement agents will refer to____ ALTHOUGH any further questions can be directed to
    REFER TO..Legal Bulletin “The Authority of Bail Bondsman” (Volume 21, Number 6,December 1991).

    FUTHER QUESTIONS.. the Legal Bureau
  43. 208-73 Notification to OCCB FOD for certain arrests--ACCORDING to this procedure, If any question exists as to whether or not a notification must be made...?
    always make the notification
  44. 208-02 -Arrests - Removal to Department Facility for Processing--How are the PRISONER PEDIGREE CARDS filed by the DESK OFFICER?
    for EVERY prisoner by date and time of arrivalat command
  45. 208-02 -Arrests - Removal to Department Facility for Processing- What are the three places a Desk Officer will enter the arresting officer, assisting officer, if any, time of arrival at the station house?
    • Command Log
    • Interrupted Patrol Log
    • and on ROLL CALL , if appropriate
  46. I.O.18 s.04 Gun Enhancement-according to this procedure, A purchase of a firearm by a person who has alicense/permit and illegally purchases the firearm from a federally licensedfirearm dealer for another person is called?
  47. I.O.53 s.07 Housing Trespass Notice Program-- Anytime a UMOS takes enforcement action, e.g. arrest or summons, against a person on NYCHA property, member is required to query_____
    The NYCHA Trespass Database to determine if person is in violation of a TRESPASS NOTICE
  48. I.O.54 s.07 Arrest Housing Trespass Notice Program-- what is the radio code “10-19H”?
    is intended solely to inform the memberof the service that the subject may have been previously issued a TRESPASS NOTICE and may besubject to arrest only if found on “NYCHA Property
  49. I.O. 14 s 11 REV 208-05 Arrests Gen Search Guidelines-- who ensures the command and Command Log page number of the CMD LOG entry is documented in the “Narrative” section ofthe OLBS WORKSHEET or the ARREST REPORT SUPPLEMENT ?
    The supervisor authorizing search
  50. Interim Order 38(10) - Revision to PG 208-03, "Arrests - General Processing"--ARRESTING OFFICER will allow prisoner to make one (1) telephone call anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico, unless the telephone call would compromise an ongoing investigation or the prisoner’s prosecution. WHICH TYPE OF PRISONER IS EXCLUDED FROM THIS PRIVILEGE?
    ( juvenile offenders)
  51. Interim Order 38(10) - Revision to PG 208-03, "Arrests - General Processing"-- THE Arresting Officer will make entry of any telephone call made outside New York City WHERE?
    in Telephone Record
  52. Interim Order 44(11) - Revision to PG 208-40,"Intoxicated or Impaired Driver Arrest"-- Regardless of the operator’s decision to consent to a chemical test, a notification to ________AND ______ will be made when a serious physical injury or death has occurred to an individual or a serious physical injury has occurred to the operator
    Operations Unit and the District Attorney’s Office
  53. 310-03 DESIGNATION OF LOCATION FOR QUESTIONING JUVENIL--who must inspect proposed location to determine suitability?
    The administrative judge for the Family Court within the City of New York or designee
  54. 310-05 REVIEW OF ARREST FOLDER- what is the commanding officer reviewing the arrest folder for?
    omissions, improper presentation of facts or other discrepancies
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