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  1. Acidic
    Wines need natural acidity to taste fresh and lively, but an excess of acidity results in an acidic wine that is tart and sour.
  2. Acidity
    The amount of citric, tartaric, or malic acid in a wine. Aciditiy in a wien preserves the wine's freshness and keeps the wine lively. The acidity level in a wine is critical to its enjoyment
  3. Aftertaste
    The taste left in the mouth after one swallows i s the aftertaste. The longer the aftertaste lingers in the mouth, the finer the quality of the wine. Also referred to as the Finish.
  4. Agressive
    Agressive is uaully applied to wines that are either high in acidity or harch tannins, or both.
  5. Aroma
    The smell of the grapes in the wine
  6. Balance
    one of the most desired traits in a wine is good balance, where teh contentration of fruit, level of tannins, and acidity are in total harmony. Well-balance wines are symmetrical and tend to age gracefully
  7. Body
    body is the weight and fullness of a wine that can be sensed as it crosses the palate. Full-bodied wines tend to have much alcohol, depth, and glycerin.
  8. Bouquet
    As a wine's aroma becomes more developed from bottle aging, the aroma is transformed into a bouquet, which is hopefully more than just the smell of the grape.
  9. Buttery
    buttery is often applied to chardonnay and somteimes to Merlot, Pinot Noir or Shiraz. It usually refers to teh soft, rich vanilla flavor imparted by new oak barrels
  10. Crisp
    Crisp refers to the natural acid in wine. Crisp wines are generally refreshing and bright.
  11. Delicate
    Delicate wines are light, subtle and understand wines that are prized for their shy rather than robust character. White wines are usually more delicate than red.
  12. Earthy
    Earthy denotes a positive aroma of fresh, rich, clean soil.
  13. Fleshy
    Fleshy denotes wine that has a lot of body, alcohol extract and uaully high alcohol content
  14. Floral
    Floral is used to describe wines that have a flowery aspect to their bouquet or aromas. Riesling is often described as having a floral bouquet
  15. Fruity
    A very good wine should have enough concentration of fruit so that it can be said to be fruity. It may not taste of grapes, but it will resemble a fruit of some kind
  16. Full-Bodied
    Wines rich in extract, alcohol and glycerin are full-bodied wines
  17. Fullness
    the feel or weight of a wine in the mouth
  18. Herbaceous
    many wines have a distinctive herbal smell that is generally said to be herbaceous. Specific herbal smells can be of thyme, lavender, rosemary, oregano, fennel or basil. Many Sauvignon Blancs are described as herbaceous
  19. Maturation
    positive term for beneficial aging of wine
  20. nose
    a bouquet and aroma of a wine as sensed through one's nose and olfactory senses is often called the wine's nose.
  21. oaky
    wines aged in oak barrels develop a toasty, vanilla flavor aroma to the wine
  22. peppery
    an aroma of black pepper and a pungent flavor. peppery is a common character of california zinfandels
  23. reserve wine
    older wines kept back to add class and maturity
  24. rich
    wines that are high in extract, flavor and intensity are described as being rich
  25. smoky
    a wine may have a distinctive smoky character either because of the soil the grapes are grown of the slightly charred oak barrels in which they are aged
  26. soft
    a wine that is fruity, low in acidity and has an absence of harsh tannins
  27. spicy
    winies often smell quite spicy with aromas of pepper, cinnamon and other spices
  28. style
    the characteristics of the grape and the wine
  29. sweet
    sweet is a tasting term used to describe the ripeness and richness of wine. good quality dry wines may also be described as sweet
  30. tannin or tannic
    tannins are extracted from the grape skins and stems. tannin is a wine's lifeline, it is cruicial to the wine's abililty to age. A tannic wine is one that is young and unready to drink
  31. Varietal
    varietal is a grape variety. wines made from a single grape are called 'varietals' and labeled with teh name of the grape
  32. vintage
    describes a grape harvest and production of a specific year
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