Vocab and Rhetorical Devices

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  1. pragmatic
  2. asyndeton
    removal of conjunction between word/phrase/clause
  3. antithesis
    parts in a sentence which oppose each other
  4. occult
    secret, disclosed, mysterious
  5. allegory
    extended metaphor throughout narrative
  6. metonymy
    word or phrase substituted for another which is closely related
  7. syllogism
    logical argument
  8. sanguine
    dark red; or optimistic/confident
  9. periodic sentence
    sentence whose main clause is at the end
  10. zeugma
    use same word to connect things unrelated in context
  11. dyspeptic
    pessimistic or suffering from digestion
  12. litote
    understatement by denying the opposite
  13. juxtaposition
    placement of 2 words/ideas to emphasize comparison/contrast
  14. paradox
    statement that contradicts itself
  15. abjure
    to avoid or shun
  16. euphemism
    more pleasant substitute from unpleasant work
  17. polysyndeton
    use of conjunction between words/phrase/clause
  18. antimetabole
    reverse order of repeated words
  19. terse
    smooth, short and directly to the point
  20. discursive
    rambling, digressing from subject to subject
  21. antecedent
    word/phrase/clause replaced by pronoun
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