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  1. bilateral dilated pupils usually equall
    cerebral hypoxia
  2. decerabrate posturing equal
    damage in the brainstem
  3. decorticate posturing
    damage can be above brainstem
  4. epidural hematoma
    fast and arterial bleed
  5. subdural hematoma
    slow venous bleed

    problems can occur days/hours later
  6. severed C4 equals
    total paralysis motor and resp.

  7. pt with ICP should be

  8. series increased and decreased resp then apnea is called
  9. rapid, irregular in rate and volume with periods of apnea
  10. cerebellum controls
    • balance
    • coordination
    • motor control
  11. unequal pupils suggest
    CNS injury or a neurlogical crisis
  12. T4 injury
    below nippile line
  13. T10 injury
    below umbilicus
  14. cerebrum controls
    • thought
    • intelligence
    • higher brain function
  15. hypercarbia
    increased carbon dioxide in blood
  16. transport stroke pt in either
    LLR or affected side down
  17. Outside in to brain
    • dura
    • arachnoid
    • pia
  18. part of the brain which effects vision
    occipital injury
  19. seizure found in children of short duration with no loss of consciousness can occur times per day are called. clonic movements of one hand, one arm, one leg or one side of face
    focal motor
  20. syncope is associated with
    • heart block
    • bradycardia
    • hypoglycemia
  21. major contrainidcation to thrombolytics is
    bleeding out
  22. major complication for thrombolytics
    recent surgery
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