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  1. -a method that used external heat generated by chemical reaction used small flexible pads containing what
    -chemical treated pads
  2. -what preheated method was introduced in 1931
    -heated clamps
  3. -what other method did scientists develop to permanent wave hair using wave lotion.
    -cold waves
  4. -what was madam C.J. Walkers real name
    -Sarah Breedlove
  5. -what does the barber pole itself represent
    -the staff, the patient would hold tightly so the viens in the arms would stand out
  6. -in 1905 who invented a heavily wired machine that supplied electrical current to metal rodsaround which hair strands were wrapped
    -charles nessler
  7. -what year did the first hairdressing academt open in chicago by bris bois and federmeyer
  8. -in what year did alexander f. godefroy invest a hot-blast hair dryer
  9. -what year did marcel grateau develop the technique of using irons for waving and curling the hair
  10. -who forbade the clergy to shed blood, causing barbers to assist monks and priests during surgery
    -pope alexander the third
  11. -poor women had what color hair
  12. -what color hair did middle class women
  13. -what color did noble women tint their hair
  14. -according to ancient records what matter was made from berries, the bark of trees, minerals, insects, nuts, herbs, leaves, and other materials used on the hair, skin and nails.
  15. -what was the earlies that archeologists studies reveal that haircutting and hairstyling were practiced in some form
    -glacier age or ice age
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  17. -being tactful means being straightforward but not what
  18. -attitude stems from what we believe and it can be influenced by what
    -parents teachers friends even books and movies
  19. -what defines who you are
    -your personality
  20. -what are the ethical characteristics you want to aspire to
    -honest compassions attentiveness punctuality cooperativeness pleasant and agreeable personality
  21. -what learning style learns best when they can connect what they are studying to real ife situations
    -systematic learners
  22. -what learning style leans best by reading and hearign new ideas
    -reader/listener learners
  23. -what learning style learns by watching, listening, and sharing ideas
    -interactive learners
  24. -learn problem solving teachniques that will save you time by doing what
    -uncovering solutions
  25. -making a litst of tasks that need to be done inthe order of most important to least important
  26. -a goal that takes longer than a year to complete is a
    -long term goal
  27. -what can help validate a reasonfor being and a sense of purpose to succeed in life and work
    -written statement of mission statement
  28. -to enhance creativity what guideline shsould you keep in mind
    -stopcritizing yourself, stop asking others what to do, change your vocabulary, do not try to go it along
  29. -what are the five basic needs all human beings have
    -physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual
  30. -what is a wide spread habit that robs you of self esteem
  31. -when you put a stop to self-critical and negative thoughts that can work against you
    -be kind to yourself
  32. -when you practice doing whatever it is that helps you maintain a positive self-image
    -build on your strengths
  33. -what is based on inner strength and begins with trusting your ability to reach your goals
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  35. -the letters MSDs is an abbreviation for what
    -musculoskeletal disorder
  36. -what is oe measure that can be taken to prevent injury on the job
    -maintaining upright posture with elbows low and close to the body
  37. -a federal agency concerned with hazards in the workplace is know as OSHA meaning what
    -occupation safety and health administration
  38. -during haircutting and other hair services you keep your wrists in what position as much as possible
    -straight or neutral
  39. -the study of humand characteristica for the specific work environmant, it attemps to "fit the job to the person"
  40. -CTS(carpet tunnel syndrome) is often caused by repeptitive motion involving what
    -forearm wrist fingers
  41. -what encourages healthy blood circulation to the feet
    -exercise, massage,and comfortable well fitting shoes
  42. -the human foot has____ bones ___ muscles ___ ligaments
    -26 bones 20 muscles 114 ligaments
  43. -on average your feet will carry you more than how many miles in you lifetime
  44. -what prevents fatigue and many other physical problems
    -good posture
  45. -what shows off your figure to its best advantage and conveys an image of confidence and is very important part of physical presentation
    -good posture
  46. -your what is made up of your posture, walk, and movements
    -physical presentation
  47. -the activity that pays off in cardiovascular health, increasedimmune system function, greater endurance, stress reduction, and overall improved quality of life
    -aerobic activity
  48. -our bodies are made up of how much water
  49. -a basic guideline for good nutrition include
    -eating a diet of nutrient-packed, whole foods
  50. -when you get a nurturing amount of rest every day and to build relaxation and leisure-time activities into your daily routine
    -manage stress and gain wellness
  51. -what should you do everyday to alleviate stress
    -carve out a small amount of time to go inward and connect with your spiritual side
  52. -some experts believe that what percent of visits to the doctors are related to mind and/or body stress
  53. -the inability to cope with a threat, real or imagined
  54. -what has the world health organization classified as a worldwide epidemic
  55. -what is the most important point to keep in mind about your makeup
    -it should accentuate your best features and mask your less flattering one
  56. -how often should you trim your hair
    -six to eight week-women, four weeks-men
  57. -make sure your clothing is what
    -clean, freash, and inproportion to your height, wieght, and body shape
  58. -one of th emost important aspects of good personalgrooming is the what
    -careful maintenance of your wardrobe
  59. -we travel through polluted environments everyday and hair serves as a magnet for what
    -dust and dirt
  60. -what is responsible for eliminating toxins from the system through perspiration
  61. -what is the bodys largest organ
  62. -the daily maintenance of cleanliness and healthfulness through certain sanitary practices
    -personal hygiene
  63. -what kind of change in your body do your thoughts set off
  64. -the word "health" comes fromthe old english hal meaning what
  65. -graciousness of speech, how pleasing your voice is, how you stand and carry yourself and th efacial expressions you show to the world is what
    -your surface image
  66. -your external apperance should reflect your what
    -authentic self
  67. -what should your proffessional image show
    -respect trust and eagerness for your knowledge, creative, technical skills, and sense of style
  68. -the impression you project as a person engaged in the profession of cosmetolgy and consistss if your outward appearance and the conduct you exhibit int he work place.
    -proffessional image
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  70. -the act or instance of transmitting information int he form of symbols, gestures, or behaviors, in order to express an idea or concept so that it is satisfactorily understood
  71. -what is away to determine whether two people are on the same page
    -reflective listening
  72. -what is it called when you describe to your clien what you think she has said to you, so she can make necccessary corrections or adjustments
    -reflective listening
  73. -the most important communication you have with your client thats performed every salon visit
    -client consultation
  74. -the firt consultation should take how many minutes
    -20 to 30
  75. -how do you approach a new client
    -a smile
  76. -when dealing with an unhappy customer what should you always do
    -assume the blame and never argue the point
  77. -when handling an unhappy client what should your first step be
    -try to find out why the client is unhappy
  78. -regardless of weather or not you like someone, what should you always do
    -treat everyone with respect
  79. -when a time comes and your involved in someones conflict and they say to pick a side what should you do
    -remain neutral
  80. -when you need to speak with your manager about some issues or problem what should you do
    -think of possible solutions
  81. -during an employee evaluation what should you remember
    -everything your eing evaluated on is there for the purpose of helping you improve
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