Literary terms english exam

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  1. climax
    major turning point, most intense part of story
  2. Alliteration
    repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
  3. Hyperbole
    extreme exaggeration
  4. Soliloquy
    a speech usually given alone on the stage in which a character speaks aloud his/her thoughts
  5. metaphor
    direct comparison without using like or as
  6. simile
    direct comparison using like or as
  7. oxymoron
    phrase consisting of contradictory terms
  8. assonance
    repetition of vowel sounds at the beginning of words
  9. foreshadowing
    clues that will tell us what will happen later
  10. allusion
    reference to another literary character/work
  11. personification
    giving inanimate objects/animals human qualities
  12. pun
    sound the same different meaning; play on words
  13. apostrophe
    an address (ex. talking to) someone/thing not present
  14. dramatic irony
    occurs when audience aware of information that characters are not
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