Guiding teens ideas to market

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    • kids r cool
    • attitude
    • synaptic misifre
    • hormonal chaos
    • filter noise - listen to ideas
    • their ideas may be better than ours
    • geniuses - don't know any better
    • misperceptions + crazy ideas = paradigm shifts of tomorrow
    • let them know their ideas are valid
    • encourage more
    • guide them 2 take ideas to market
    • uplift themselves, their community and our world
    • problem = school system
    • teachers are heroesand admins try, but can't in this system
    • system not broken
    • working as intended - factory producing manufacturers
    • superhighway built with ideas not machine parts
    • standardized tests create standardized students
    • this not a standardized economy
    • produce creatives not low standards
    • creators not just consumers
    • we create a better society
    • by guiding teens to drive
    • create a better future by guiding future leaders
    • to engage the free market
    • showing them tips and tricks to succeed
    • as entrepreneurs
    • entrepreneurship for teens
    • engages their natural creativity
    • insatiable need for self-expression
    • harness their potential
    • feed us fresh, new perspectives
    • essential for a better way
    • curriculum of think it plan it do it
    • creative thinking skills
    • biz model generation
    • lean startup execution
    • not enought to say good idea kid
    • guide them to take idea to market
    • so we all benefit
    • give teens permission to be creative
    • to think outsode the bubble
    • to find that idea
    • blend of novelty and utility
    • stretching their thinking until they see through
    • they are already thinking
    • encourage divergent thinking
    • ask them questions
    • to stimulate more ideas
    • grow a long list to get the best list
    • guide teens to build their ideas on others
    • share their ideas with others
    • listen to feedback
    • to modify their ideas to present to the market
    • guide them to listen to the market
    • the path to market needs a map
    • tools like the biz model generation canvas
    • simplify the fundamentals of an MBA
    • and hand the keys to young entrepreneurs
    • we need to encourage our teens to follow through
    • illustrate the value of thier idea
    • by taking the time to help them
    • remind them of the rewards of their work
    • encourage them to follow their dreams
    • help them execute the plan
    • show them a lean startup approach
    • to adapt to the market
    • to make their dream our reality
    • let them know
    • best case scenario is that they make mistakes
    • to try it, to learn and adjust
    • validated learning and feedback looping
    • build the idea into a viable solution
    • talk to a teenager
    • to find out what they are thinking
    • they want to tell you
    • they want help making sense of it all
    • they want guidance
    • listen to them
    • not judge, not discount, not instruct
    • let them build thier ideas by letting them out
    • and trying them on awhile
    • they have answers
    • to the same problems we are trying to solve
    • their answers have less filters than ours
    • so they may be the new approach we need
    • everyone in this room is successful
    • we all had guidance to get here
    • we all made mistakes to get here
    • now we get to pay it forward
    • and help teens take their big ideas to market
    • empowering teens with entrepreneurial skills
    • uplifts them
    • their communities
    • and our world

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Guiding teens ideas to market
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