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  1. Nomination
    • Endorsement of a candidate by a party
    • Requires momentum, money, and media attention
  2. Campaign strategy
    Game plan candidates use for their campaign
  3. National party convention
    • Supreme power within each party
    • Meets every 4 years to nominate president and vice-president and write the party platform
  4. Caucus
    Meeting of all state party leaders to select delegates to natl party convention
  5. Presidential primaries
    • Voters in a state vote for a candidate
    • How delegates to convention are chosen
  6. McGovern-Fraser Commission
    • Formed at 1968 democratic convention
    • Make conversions more representative for minorities
    • Caused delegate system
  7. Superdelegates
    Natl party leaders that automatically get a delegate slot
  8. Frontloading
    Hold primaries early to capitalize on media attention
  9. National primary
    • Would replace current methods
    • Nationwide primary held early in the election year
  10. Regional primaries
    • Would replace current methods
    • Series of primaries held in each geographic region
  11. Party platform
    • Statement of party goals for the next 4 years
    • Drafted before party convention
    • Best formal statement of a party's beliefs
  12. Direct mail
    • High-tech method of raising money
    • Send requests for money on lists of people who have previously supported similar views or candidates
  13. Federal Election Campaign Act
    • 1974 reformed campaign finances
    • Provided public financing for primaries and general elections, limited spending, required disclosure and attempted to limit campaign contributions
  14. Federal Election Commission
    • 6 member bipartisan agency
    • Administers and enforces campaign finance laws
  15. Presidential Election Campaign Fund
    • Income tax money goes into this fund
    • Distributed to qualified candidates to help their presidential campaigns
  16. Matching funds
    Contributions of up to $250 are matched by the PECF to nominees who qualify and meet various conditions
  17. Soft money
    • Political contributions to the general party
    • Less limited than candidate contributions
  18. 527 groups
    • Seek to influence politics
    • Not subject to contribution restrictions
    • Independent groups
  19. Political action committees (PACs)
    • A corporation, union or interest group can create a PAC to help find campaigns
    • Must register and are monitored strictly
  20. Selective perception
    People pay more attention to things they already agree with
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