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  1. High-tech politics
    Behavior in politics is shaped by technology
  2. Mass media
    TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and other forms of communication
  3. Media events
    • Events purposely staged for the media to look spontaneous
    • Staged by individuals, groups, and government officials
  4. Press conferences
    Meetings of public officials with reporters
  5. Investigative journalism
    • In-depth reporting to unearth scandals, scams, and schemes
    • Often put reporters at odds with political leaders
  6. Print media
    Newspapers and magazines
  7. Broadcast media
    Television and radio
  8. Narrowcasting
    • Media programming focused on a particular audience
  9. Chains
    • Newspapers published by massive media conglomerates
    • 4/5 of nation's daily newspaper circulation
    • Often control broadcast media too
  10. Beats
    • Locations that news comes from constantly
    • Congress, the White House
    • Top reporters become experts on certain beats
  11. Trial balloons
    Intentional news leak to assess political reaction
  12. Sound bites
    • Short video clips around 10 seconds
    • Shown from a politician's speech on the news
  13. Talking head
    • Shot of a person's face talking to the camera
    • Visually unappealing so rarely shown for extended points o time
  14. Policy entrepreneurs
    • Invest political capital in an issue
    • In or out of govt, in elected or appointed positions, in research organizations or interest groups
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