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  1. Public opinion
    Distribution of population's beliefs about politics and policy issues
  2. Demography
    Science of population changes
  3. Census
    • Tool for understanding demographic changes
    • Required every 10 years
  4. Melting pot
    • Mixture of cultures, ideas, and peoples that have changed America
    • The US's history of immigration makes it a melting pot
  5. Minority majority
    Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans together will outnumber white Americans by around 2060
  6. Political culture
    Overall set of values in a society
  7. Reapportionment
    Reallocating seats in HOR every 10 years based on the census
  8. Political socialization
    Process through which an individual acquires their political knowledge, feelings and evaluations
  9. Sample
    Small proportion of people chosen to represent the whole
  10. Random sampling
    Everyone should have an equal possibility of selection for the sample to get more accurate results
  11. Sampling error
    • Level of confidence in a poll
    • The more people the more sure one can be of the results
  12. Random-digit dialing
    Place calls randomly to listed and unlisted numbers when conducting a survey
  13. Exit poll
    Public opinion surveys used to predict electoral winners with speed and precision
  14. Political ideology
    • General group beliefs about politics, public policy, and public purpose
    • Gives meaning to political events, personalities and policies
  15. Gender gap
    Women are more likely to support democrats and men are more likely to support conservatives
  16. Political participation
    • Activities used to influence the selection of political leaders
    • Voting, protest, civil disobedience
  17. Protest
    Achieve policy changes with dramatic and unconventional tactics
  18. Civil disobedience
    Reflects a conscious decision to break a law that is immoral and then suffer the consequences
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