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  1. Interest group
    • People with shared policy goals who try and achieve these goals through several means
    • Pursue their goals in many arenas
  2. Pluralist theory
    Politics is a competition among groups
  3. Elite theory
    Societies divide along class lines and the elite class will rule
  4. Hyperpluralist theory
    • Groups are too strong so govt is weakened
    • Exaggerated pluralism
  5. Subgovernments
    • Great deal of control over certain areas
    • Iron triangles- consist of interest group leaders, the corresponding gov't agency, and members of Congress that handle the policy the interest group deals in
  6. Potential group
    All the people who might be in an interest group because of shared interests
  7. Actual group
    The members who actually join an interest group
  8. Collective good
    • Clean air, better working conditions, higher wages
    • Something of value that can't be withheld from a potential group member
  9. Free-rider problem
    When people don't join a union or interest group but still benefit
  10. Olson's law of large groups
    • Mancur Olson
    • The larger a group, the further it falls short of its goals
  11. Selective benefits
    • Goods that can be restricted to include only actual group members
    • Discounts, group insurance rates, etc.
  12. Single-issue groups
    Narrow interests, dislike compromise, get members that are new to politics
  13. Lobbying
    Communication not in ones own interest directed at a gov't official to try and influence their decision
  14. Electioneering
    • Direct group involvement in the electoral process
    • PACs
    • Fund campaigns, get members to work for candidates
  15. Political action committees
    • PACs
    • Corporation, union or other interest group can create and register a PAC
    • Monitored closely
  16. Amicus curiae briefs
    • Legal briefs submitted for an additional point of view
    • Submitted by those that aren't formal parties
  17. Class action suits
    A small number of people sue on behalf of all other people that are in similar situations
  18. Union shop
    Require employees to join a union and stay in it to keep their jobs
  19. Right-to-work law
    • Forbids union shops
    • Taft-Hartley Act of 1947
  20. Public interest lobbies
    Seek a collective good that won't give the organizations material benefits
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