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  1. Legitimacy
    • Elections are universally accepted as free and fair
    • Losers accept the election results peacefully
  2. Referendum
    Voters can approve or disapprove proposed legislation or constitutional amendments
  3. Initiative petition
    Voters can put proposed changes to the constitution to a vote if they have enough signatures
  4. Suffrage
    Legal right to vote
  5. Political efficacy
    • Political participation matters
    • One vote can actually make a difference
  6. Civic duty
    In order to support democracy citizens should always vote
  7. Voter registration
    Voters have to register well before election day
  8. Motor Voter Act
    1993 states permit people to register to vote when they apply for a driver's license
  9. Mandate theory of elections
    The winning candidate has a mandate from the people to carry out their policies
  10. Policy voting
    Electoral choices based on policy preferences of voters and the candidates stance
  11. Electoral college
    • Electors chosen by the state parties to elect the president
    • Usually reflects a popular majority
  12. Retrospective voting
    What have the candidates done for me? voting
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