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  1. Government
    Institutions and processes through which public policies are made for a society
  2. Public good
    • Goods that everyone must share
    • Clean air, water
  3. Politics
    • Produce authoritative decisions about public issues
    • Process through which governmental leaders are selected and what policies our leaders pursue
  4. Political participation
    • Activities used by citizens to influence political leaders and their policies
    • Voting, protest, civil disobedience
  5. Single-issue groups
    • Groups that have a narrow interest
    • Dislike compromise
    • Draw members from those new to politics
  6. Policymaking system
    • How policy comes into being and evolves
    • People's interests, problems, and concerns create political issues
    • Issues shape policy which impacts people continuing the cycle
  7. Linkage institutions
    • Elections, political parties, interest groups and the media
    • Political channels through
    • which people's concerns became politic issues
  8. Policy agenda
    Issues that attract the interest of public officials and other active policy makers
  9. Political issue
    An issue that arises when people disagree how to fix a problem
  10. Policymaking institutions
    • Branches of govt that take action on political issues
    • Bureaucracy (sometimes) Congress, president, and the courts
  11. Public policy
    • Choice that govt makes in response to a political issue
    • Course of action
  12. Democracy
    System of selecting policy makers and organizing govt so that policy responds to the public
  13. Majority rule
    The majority's decision is represented in policy
  14. Minority rights
    • Guarantees rights to those not in the majority
    • Allows minorities to join majorities
  15. Representation
    The relationship between the few leaders and the many followers
  16. Pluralist theory
    Politics is mainly a competition among groups pressing for their interests
  17. Elite and class theory
    • Societies are divided along class lines
    • Upperclass elite will rule regardless of how government formally uses formal niceties
  18. Hyperpluralism
    • Groups are so strong that govt is weakened
    • Extreme and exaggerated version of pluralism
  19. Policy gridlock
    • No coalition is strong enough to form a majority and establish policy
    • Nothing gets done
  20. Gross domestic product
    Sum of value of all goods and services produced in a nation
  21. Individualism
    • Individuals should be left alone by the government
    • Comparatively small scope of govt helps this belief
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