Big Bang

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  1. What is the Big Bang?
    • 14.5 billion years ago
    • A singularity exploded (unknown)
    • Universe Expanded like a balloon
    • Cooled forming planets
  2. What is Evolution?
    • Charles Darwin
    • Origin of Species
    • Animals adapt to environment
    • Survival of fittest
  3. What do fundamentalist believe?
    • 7 day creation
    • Animals and humans created as is
    • There is purpose in everything
    • Earth is young, only apprx 6000 years old
    • Favour a Literal interpretation of Genesis
  4. What do Liberals believe?
    • They accept the earth is 4.5 billlion years old
    • They accept God is the creator
    • They reject a literal interpretation of Genesis
    • The bible is not meant to tell us how God did it
    • Not a scientific textbook
  5. Why do Christians disagree over the Creation Story?
    • Interpretation of the bible
    • Accept or reject science
    • Dispute the truth of some scientific discovery

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Big Bang
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Revise the key facts about Christian views on the origins of the earth
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