Back Muscles

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  1. trapezious proximal attachment
    superior nuchal line

    exterior occipital protruberance

    nuchal ligament

    spinous processes C7-T12
  2. trapezious distal attachment
    lateral clavical

    acromion and spinae of scapula
  3. Trapezious Motor innervation
    cranial nerve 11 (CN11)/ spinal accessory
  4. Trapezious Action
    elevate, depress, retract, and superior rotation of scapula
  5. Latissimus Dorsi proximal attachment
    spinous process inferior thoracic

    thoracolumbar fascia

    iliac crest
  6. Latissimus dorsi distal attachment
    groove on humerus (intertubercular sulcus)
  7. latissiumus dorsi motor innervation
    thoracodorsal (TD) (C6, C7,C8)
  8. latissimus dorsi action
    extends, adducts, and medicall rotation of humerus
  9. levator scapulae proximal attachment
    transverse process c1-c4
  10. levator scapulae distal attachment
    medial border of scapular superior to spine
  11. levator scapulae motor innervation
    dorsalscapular (DS) (C5)
  12. levator scapulae action
    elevate scapula and inferiorly rotate scapula
  13. rhomboid proximal attachment
    • major: spinous process T2-T5
    • minor: spinous process C7-T1, nuchal ligament
  14. rhomboid distal attachment
    • major: medial border of scapula inferior to spine
    • minor: medial border of scapular at spine
  15. rhomboid motor innervation
    dorsalscapular (DS) (C4, C5)
  16. rhomboid action
    retract scapula and inferiorly rotates scapula
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