english vocab 1

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  1. Contending
    striving against rivals or difficulties
  2. Harried
    Transitive Verb: persistently harrased (by something or someone)
  3. Plundered
    verb- looted, or the taking of goods by force
  4. Valor
    Noun: Boldness or determination in facing danger, especially in battle; bravery
  5. Headlong
    adjective. recklessly or with too much haste
  6. Regaled
    to tell a story or a tale; entertained with choice food or drink
  7. Afflictions
    constant pains or sufferings
  8. Patrimony
    Noun, an estate inherited from one's father or ancestors
  9. Reckoning
    Debts; judgments
  10. Perish
    Verb which means to die--typically an untimely and unnatural death
  11. Beguiling
    (used with object) influenced by trickery, flattery, etc
  12. Brawniest
    the strongest and most muscular
  13. Buffets
    Repeated strikes or pushes
  14. Flouting (verb)
    treating with contemptuous disregard
  15. Steadfast
    standing tall, unwilling to move or be moved
  16. standing tall, unwilling to move or be moved
  17. Renown
    (Noun) Fame
  18. Irked
    Verb. 1- Annoyed or irritated
  19. Din
    a jumble of loud, usually discordant sounds
  20. Adept
    Adjective meaning capable or proficient. Also used as a noun to mean an expert/person who is capable/proficient.
  21. Engendering
    giving rise to a situation or feeling
  22. Upstarts
    people who gain sudden wealth or power
  23. Ponder
    To think about something carfully before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
  24. Insolence
    noun contemptuosly rude or impertinent behavior or speech usually to an authority
  25. Divining
    predicting or locate events or locations, especially through occult or unscientific ways
  26. Heeded
    Followed advice, especially of a sagely or wise person.
  27. Incomparable
    Adjective: Beyond comparison
  28. Reproof
    criticism for a fault
  29. Rapine
    The violent seizure of someone's property
  30. Conferred
    verb. discussed something as a group
  31. Sage (adj.)
  32. Inlaid
    set into the surface of something
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