Gov 13

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  1. impeachment
    • Equivalent of an indictment
    • HOR may impeach a president for treason, bribery or other crimes
  2. Watergate
    Scandal over the break in at the Democratic Nat'l Committee headquarters and the coverup by Richard Nixon and his administration
  3. 22nd Amendment
    Limits presidents to 2 terms in office
  4. 25th Amendment
    • Allows the VP to be acting president if the VP and cabinet deem the president disabled
    • Outlines how a replaced president can reclaim job
  5. cabinet
    • Presidential advisers not included in the Constitution but still used by every president
    • Today there are 15 members (14 secretaries and the attorney general)
  6. National Security Council
    • coordinates president's foreign and military advisers
    • President, VP, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and managed by nat'l security assistant
  7. Council of Economic Advisers
    3 members appointed by the president who advise them on economic policy
  8. Office of Management and Budget
    • Some political appointees and hundreds of skilled pros
    • Prepare the president's budget
    • Modified from Bureau of the Budget to make it more managerial
  9. veto
    • President can send a bill back to Congress
    • 2/3 can override a veto
  10. pocket veto
    • when Congress submits a bill within 10 days of an adjournment
    • President lets it die by neither signing or vetoing it
  11. presidential coattails
    • voters cast their ballot for members of the president's party
    • Less common now
  12. War Powers Resolution
    • Presidents have to consult with Congress before committing troops if possible and to withdraw forces after 60 days unless Congress grants an extension
    • Ineffective
  13. legislative veto
    • Ability of Congress to override the president
    • Could be unconstitutional but Supreme Court hasn't said anything on the issue
  14. crisis
    • Sudden, unpredictable and dangerous event
    • President must take on role as crisis manager
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