Chapter 6 Latin America: Its Land and History

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  1. Most of Latin America lies here, which causes the climate to be hot.
    Tropical Zone
  2. This is how manufactured products from Spain were introduced to Latin America.
    Columbian Exchange
  3. Who was the Aztec ruler, who lost his empire to Spain?
  4. What are smaller bodies of water that flow into larger bodies of water? The Amazon River has over 1,000 of these.
  5. floating gardens
  6. Who was the Spanish soldier who conquered the Inca?
    Francisco Pizarro
  7. What was the Mayan language system called that used symbols?
  8. What is the warm Pacific Ocean current that means "the Christ child" in Spanish?
    El Nino
  9. The Amazon region had many trees cleared to make room for cattle ranches. What is the process of clearing the land called?
  10. The name of one of the ancient Inca cities.
    Machu Picchu
  11.  What are some problems Mexico faces?
    earthquakes, volcanoes, air pollution from exhaust that is trapped by the mountains
  12. Why are volcanoes and floods expecially likey to occur in Central America?
    tetonic plates moving and El Nino
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