english vocab 2

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  1. Hail
    transitive verb; to cheer, salute, or greet
  2. Pillage
    - noun, 1. the act of looting or plundering (especially inwar) 2. something taken as booty
  3. Stratagems
    - noun; plans, schemes, or tricks for surprising ordeceiving an enemy
  4. Harangued
    Harrassed or annoyed
  5. Bane
    noun; cause of great distress or annoyance
  6. Rites
    noun; Religious (or other event) ceremoies or acts
  7. Prudently
    carefully, acting wisely
  8. Bewailing
    to express deep sorrow for; lament: a littlechild bewailing the loss of her dog
  9. Rebuffed
    a blunt or abrupt rejection, peremptory refusal of a request, offer,etc.; snub. To give a rebuff to; check; repel; refuse; drive away
  10. Gale
    a strong current of air 2. an outburst of emotion
  11. Squander
    verb: 1. to spend or use (money, time, etc.)extravagantly or wastefully 2. to scatter
  12. Illustrious
    adjective: highly distinguished; renowned; famous
  13. Libation
    The pouring out of wine to honor a diety
  14. Invocation
    N. Calling upon of a revered, usually divine presence.
  15. Clip
    n. gallop/speed
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