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  1. Normally on equipment and vehicles, what determines the type of checklist you use for an operator's inspection?
    Type of vehicle
  2. When heavy equipment is placed in storage, how often must it be inspected for serviceablility?
  3. Which of the following is not normally an equipment or vehicle operator's responsibility?
    Replacing burn out bulbs
    Filling the battery with fluid
    Filling the crankcase with oil
    Changing the transmission fluid
    changing the transmission fluid
  4. Failure to lubricate a piece of equipment or vehicle properly when required constitutes __ ?
    Vehicle abuse
  5. When operating a dump truck with an automatic transmission, the power take-off is engaged with the _____?
    transmission in gear
  6. When performing an operator's inspection before operating a dump truck, you should ___ ?
    Make sure the spreader chains have been set
  7. If you choose to spread materials in layers, you should stop the truck where you want to start the spread, position the dump control levers, and ___
    raise the bed about one foot
  8. Before you begin loading a vehicle, you must first determine the vehicle's ___
    weight capacity
  9. You are tasked to haul a large number of heavy grader blades and lightweight broom bristles. How should these items be loaded on the vehicle?
    Grader blades on the bottom and the broom bristles on top
  10. What determines the method of securing cargo?
    type of cargo, speed of the vehicle, and distance to be traveled
  11. You are using a forklift to load bundles of 12 feet by two feet by two feet airfield landing mats onto a trailer. To do this properly, you must pay close attention to the ___
    height instructions
  12. When hauling construction materials, you should use load binders to ___
    tighten the chains that secure the load to the trailer
  13. What is the best reason for hauling a dozer to a construction site?
    reduce wear on the dozer
  14. Normally, if there is no loading ramp availabel to load a dozer, you should ___?
    push up a pile of dirt behind the trailer
  15. To prevent the simitrailer from moving while you back the tractor under it, you should ___
    block the trailer wheels with wood blocks (chocks)
  16. which is the correct order for connecting a tractor to a semi trailer?
    Fifth wheel, brake lines, and electric jumper cable
  17. How do breakaway trailers differ from cargo trailers?
    They are built lower to the ground
  18. What is the proper order for disconnecting a tractor from a breakaway trailer?
    lower hydraulic ram, disconnect brake and electric jumper cables, and fifth-wheel handle opened
  19. when you are making a turn with a tractor and trailer, you must keep in mind the trailer has tendency to ___
    cut the corner
  20. What term is given to a condition where the tractor and trailer become jammed together at an acute angle?
  21. What is the best way to position a tractor trailer for unloading at a warehouse dock?
    back toward the left and turn toward the dock
  22. What action should be taken to regain control of a tractor trailer in a skid?
    Release the brakes to get the wheels turning
  23. Where does the bitumeter gage on the asphalt distributor receive its power?
    small 10 inch wheel lowered from behind the running board
  24. The first task in operating a water truck is to ___
    fill the water tank
  25. why should you use caution if you fill the water truck with a fire hose from a hydrant?
    the hose may come out of the tank and hit someone
  26. the ballast plates inside the tank of a water truck are designed to ___
    prevent excessive water movement
  27. what is the most important factor in determining how well soil can be compacted?
    degree of moisture in the soil
  28. who has the ultimate responsibility for inspecting airfield pavements for foreign objects?
    cheif of airfield management
  29. whom must you check with first before you begin any flightline sweeping operations?
    base operations personnel
  30. what is the best way to perform an airfield sweeping and inspection operation?
    drive slow and move back and forth across the area
  31. what should you do during sweeping operations if you come across a large rock that the sweeper will not pick up
    stop the sweeper and pick up the rock
  32. what is the most important factor in the operation of the air sweeper?
  33. the air sweeper is best described as what type of machine?
    closed loop
  34. on the air sweeper, how is fine dust removed from the air stream before it returns to the blower?
    skimming it off in the seperator
  35. when using the air sweeper to sweep over wet pavement, you must frequently
    dump the sweeper hopper
  36. When using the handheld suction hose on the air sweeper, you should never __
    direct the hand hose toward another person
  37. for best results and prolonged sweeper parts life, how should you wash the air sweeper hopper?
    from the right and left inspection doors first
  38. what will happen if you fail to keep the air sweeper pickup head spring suspension system in proper adjustment?
    premature wear of the skid blades
  39. when should you change the air sweeper gutter broom bristles
    per owners manual or technical order
  40. on a traction powered towed sweeper, the turning of the rear wheels is used to
    rotate the broom
  41. which of the following is not a contributing factor when determining the number of sweepers that an industrial tractor can tow?
    type of sweeper unit used
  42. depending on conditions, how many mph can a front mounted broom sweeping unit remove light debris from paved surfaces?
  43. what drives the sweeping unit on a front mounted broom sweeper ?
    hydraulic motor
  44. which is not a factor in controlling the brush life on the front mounted broom?
    ground speed
    broom moisture
    brush down pressure
    keeping the broom level
    broom moisture
  45. who is directly responsible to the support group commander for snow and ice control activities?
  46. which individual is responsible for directing runway condition readings?
    chief of airfield management
  47. all snow and ice control equipment must be mechanically sound and operational by the first of which month ?
  48. which of the following is a priority one snow removal area?

    dining facility
    base motor pool
    access road to special weapons
    main streets through base housing
    access road to special weapons
  49. the snow and ice control center should be equipped with
    color coded layout maps showing priorities
  50. if the clutch is engaged to quickly, what safety device is used to prevent damage to the drive shaft, blower assembly, or other parts of the snowblower?
  51. when operating a rollover snowplow, at what speed will you get the best rolling action of the end blade?
  52. what is an advantage of using a front mounted snow broom?
    operates at faster forward speed
  53. when sweeping ice, what type of bristle is best for flipping snow?
  54. what items are of special importance and must be marked before the first snowfall?
    runway plants
  55. normally what type of snow equipment would you use to begin runway snow removal?
  56. what piece of snow equipment is used throughout the duration of the snowfall to maintain the center portion of the runway down to bare pavement conditions?
  57. during snow removal, which of the following issues will determine your actual clearing pattern?
    wind speed and direction
  58. all snow removal equipment operating in the area of aircraft movement must maintain radio contact with the __?
    control tower
  59. when the windrows of snow get too heavy for the sweeping operation, what should you use to displace the snow?
  60. when crosswinds are combined with a heavy snowfall, where must you concentrate snow removal operations?
    runway centerline area
  61. when possible, you should clear snow from airfield in - pavement lights with a snow broom or ___
    a snowplow blade with rubber edges
  62. ant-icing and deicing chemicals used on airfield pavement must be previously approved by the __
  63. what can you use along with snow brooms, to reduce ice thickness?
    underbody scraper
  64. what is the runway ice detection system designed to minmize?
  65. which reading is not collected by the central proccessing unit of the runway ice detection system?

    ice thickness
    relative humidity
    subsurface temperature
    wind speed and direction
    ice thickness
  66. which chemicals are highly corrosive to metals and should never be used near aircraft movement areas?
    Sodium chloride and calcium chloride
  67. which of the following reductions is not a reason for storing chemicals in enclosed?

    moisture absorption
    chemicals from freezing
  68. what type of inspection is made before, during, and after rigging equipment?
  69. which of the following is considered a frequent inspection category?

  70. specifically, chain size is determined by the __
    diameter in inches of the rod used to make the links
  71. to indicate that a chain has been overloaded, what will noramlly fail first?
  72. if you inspect a chain and find several links are badly worn and stretched, you should __?
    discard the chain
  73. which factor has the greatest effect in shortening the useful life of nylon rope?
    improper care
  74. before use, to what rate of capacity should all nylon rope slings be proof tested?
    200 percent
  75. wire rope is classified by all of the following except __

    its diameter
    the strand construction
    the number of strands in its makeup
    the number of wires it has per strand
    its diameter
  76. generally, what is the strongest type of wire rope used?
  77. the lay of wire rope refers to the __
    winding of the wires
  78. when lifting, for what are fiber rope slings used?
    comparatively light loads
  79. what are the three types of slings that can be used to lift loads
    endless, single leg, and bridle
  80. normally when moving a heavy load, how many rollers are considered enough?
    4 to 6
  81. for cribbing operations, which jack style should be used?
  82. in a simple tackle system, the leading block is an additional block used to __
    change the direction of the pull
  83. what will help you determine the mechanical advantage of a simple tackle system?
    counting the number of lines supporting the load
  84. which tackle system uses two or more blocks?
  85. why should wire clips on a dead man guyline be placed above the ground?
    allow easier access for maintenance
  86. why is the stationary cab on a hydraulic crane considered a disadvantage?
    operator doesn't roate with the boom
  87. when operating a crane, why should the crane operator and helper not use personally developed hand signals?
    personal signals may confuse a new helper
  88. the minimum clearance required between power lines and any part of the hydraulic crane or its load is ____
    10 feet
  89. when making a lift with a crane without the use of outriggers is known as ___
    on rubber lift
  90. before lifting a load with a crane, what must you check first?
    weight of the load against a load chart
  91. what is the major cause of accidents involving hydraulic cranes?
    improper crane operation
  92. while operating a crane, what must you do if you lose sight of the load or signalsman?
    stop the operation immediately
  93. when moving the hydraulic crane within the job site, you swing the boom to the front and
    insert the turntable lock pin
  94. what would you use to clean grease from the brake drums and brake linings of a crane?
    nonflammable solvent and a clean cloth
  95. when winding wire rope onto the hydraulic crane hoist drum, which hammer should not be used to tap the rope?
  96. after assembling the clamshell for use on a hydraulic crane, what line should carry the entire load between the clamshell and the reel?
  97. if a crane equipped with a clamshell needs to travel a long distance, what should you do with the clamshell?
    remove the bucket and haul it in a truck
  98. when using a working platform attached to a hydraulic crane, where is the additional leveling switch located?
    inside the crane operators cab
  99. when you are inside the working platform on a hydraulic crane, where should you fasten you seatbelt?
    working platform
  100. when attached to a hydraulic crane, what will impact the self leveling mode of the working platform?
    position of the workers
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