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  1. native americans response to enforced christianization in spanish fransiscan missions
    tolerated teachings, but secretly turned to traditions when disaster struck
  2. the early 17th century english settlement virginia was at first:
    corporate colony with many investors
  3. lord baltimore, established the colony as a haven for:
    catholics, but ordered toleration for protestans
  4. in virginia and maryland, indentured servants :
    could hope to gain property and better status if they survived the end of their term
  5. bacons rebellion contributes to the rise of slavery in the chesapeake region..
    by convincing the landholding elite that the presence of a large white class of indentured servants was dangerous and they needed black slaves
  6. when they settled in the new world, the puritans..
    pictured themselves as a select few chosen by god to preserve true christianity in america
  7. the largest landholdings in th 17th century new england towns belonged to the wealthier or more influential families chiefly because..
    men of higher social status tended to recieve the largest land allotments from their town
  8. the puritans believed the native americans..
    had been placed in america by "the devil" to prevent the spread of the gospel there
  9. metacoms (king philips) rebellion of 1675 to 1676 was due to the...
    deaths of about 25% of tribal population
  10. as a result of the fur trade, most indian tribes of the north american interior..
    were eager to control it in order to obtain european goods
  11. which of the following statements most accuratly characterizes the settlment of north and south carolina
    the proprieters planned to set up a feudal type of government, but this plan failed
  12. late 17th century quakers were..
    believers in the "inner light" of grace or understanding given by god to each man and women
  13. when the early 18th century anglo-french wars temporarily ended with the tresty of utrecht in 1713, britain had..
    won major territorial and commercial gains, including newfoundland acadia, and the hudson bay region as well as acess to western indian trade
  14. most accurately characterizes slavery during the chesapeake 18th century..
    most slaves were born in north america
  15. after the large slave rebellion in the 1739, south carolina planters..
    imported fewer africans
  16. most accurately characterizes the changes in colonial politics in the 18th century..
    the royal govenors remained powerful, but political authority of local leaders and the assemblies greatly incereased
  17. the british policy of "salutary neglect" of the american colonies in the early 18th century meant..
    relaxing supervision of the colonies ineternal affairs while concentrating on defense and trade policies
  18. in general,the mercantalist policies pursued by the british government during the 18th century called for the american colonies to produce..
    agricultural goods and raw materials
  19. the molasses act was significant in that..
    it touched off political clashes between britain and the colonies, foreshadowing a new era of imperial control
  20. in his the two treaties of government, john locke..
    stated that a government derrives its legitimacy from the concent of the governed
  21. most accurately characterizeswomens property rights in the english colonies
    when a women married, legal ownership of all her personal property passed to her husband
  22. inheritance in colonial new england
  23. fathers had a cultural duty to provide inheritance for their children
  24. sexuality in the 18th century new england
    young people incrasingly used oremarital pregnancy to force their parents into allowing them to marry
  25. the 18th century new york, settlement of the hudson river valley showed..
    the dutch manorial system largely remained intact, with a few wealthy and powerful dutch and english landlords dominanting poor tenant families
  26. colonial pennsylvainia
    the rise of wheat trade in the mid 18th century and an influx of poor families introduced to marked social divisions
  27. socioeconomic status of families in the mid 18th century
    in some counties, half the white men were landles
  28. qualers social values in early pennsylvainia
    quakers pacifism prevented friction with the native americans until the late 1750s
  29. the enlightenment
    emphasized the power of human reason to shape the world
  30. pietism
    was an evangelical movement that stressed human dependence on god
  31. the great awakening
    fostered rural cooperation
  32. the evangelist george whitefields attitude toward slavery and africans was that..
    the brutality of slave owners was sinful, and africans should be brought within the christian fold
  33. farmwives contributed to their families by...
    performing a wide range of duties both inside the house and in the families fields; they were subordinate yet essential contributors tot he familys welfare
  34. the virginia gentry feared the rise of baptism because the baptists were..
    more democratic than the anglicans and threatened to undermine the gentrys position and privilege
  35. in the campaign against new france, prime minister william pit..
    counted on the numerical advantage of the english settler population over the french
  36. fighting ended in north america in the great war for empire with the capture of:
  37. under the terms of the treaty of paris, britain..
    annexed french canada, french lands east of mississippi river, and spanish florida
  38. pontiacs uprising
    in the peace settlement of 1763 that pontiac eventually signed with the british, whites were barred from settling west of the appalachiam mountains
  39. as a result of the industrial revolution in england and the increased marketing of goods to the colonies,
    americans consumed 20% of british exports
  40. in new jersey and the southern colonies, manorial landlords..
    reasserted control over lands settled by yeomen farmers on the basis of long dormant charters
  41. the regulators in south carolina during the 1760s were..
    a vigilante group that imposed moral discipline on the "low people" in the western regions of the colony
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