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  1. What us a galeazi fracture?
    radial shaft fracture with dislocation of distal radial-ulnar joint.
  2. Ewing's sarcoma?
    • rare. young people.
    • sarcoma of bone or soft tissue.
    • small round cell undifferentiated tumour
    • pain and swelling limits movement.
    • may be fever and weight loss.
    • XR - lytic bone, characteristic onion skin appearance.
    • Ix - biopsy and CT to assess extent.
    • Mx - resection, radio, chemo.
  3. Sever's disease?
    • Low grade inflammation at achilles tendon insertion
    • Associated with irregular ossification
    • young sporty boys (running, football, basketball etc).
    • bilateral heel pain.
    • point tenderness over achilles tendon insertion.

    Differential: plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, calcaneal stress fracture.

    xr normal
  4. Plantar fasciitis?
    • dull aching heel pain. (fascia runs from medial tubercle of calcaneum to phalanges).
    • bilateral
    • pain worse on first few steps
    • dorsiflexion of toes and ankle inc pain.
    • mx - ice, NSAIDS, take it easy,
  5. 3 main symptoms of osteogenesis imperfecta
    • blue sclera
    • fractures
    • deafness
  6. What percentage of SUFE are bilateral?
  7. Frozen shoulder?
    • adhesive capsulitis.
    • associated with DM. (up to 20% may have an episode)
    • external rotation effected more than internal rotation and abduction.
    • active and passive movements effected.
    • painful freezing phase adhesive phase and recovery phase.
    • bilateral in 20%
    • lasts 6 months to 2 years
    • Mx: NSAIDS, oral and intra-articular steroids, physio.
  8. Mortan's neuroma?
    • neuroma of the intermetatarsal plantar nerve often in 3rd metatarsal space.
    • presents with forefoot pain and no trauma.
    • feels like pebble in shoe. worse on walking.
    • Mx: metatarsal pad. steroid injection and neurectomy if severe and unremitting.
  9. What is the femoral nerve stretch test?
    • tests to see if hip pain is referred from the spine.
    • pt lies prone, extends leg and bending the knee causes pain in hip (as femoral nerve is being stretched).
  10. presentation of trochanteric bursitis?
    pain over lateral thigh due to repeated movement of ileotibial band.
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