english vocab 4

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  1. Formidable
    causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidableopponent
  2. Fugitives
    people who are fleeing from something or someone; runaways
  3. Teeming
  4. Furled
    verb - to wrap or roll close to or around something -especially a sail or flag
  5. Prodigious
  6. entreat
    plead desperately
  7. ponderous
    of great weight
  8. ponder
    to consider carefully
  9. ruefull
  10. flagged
    signalled or warned
  11. supplication
    asking for help
  12. succumbed
  13. verb) - to yield/give in to superior strength oroverpowering desire
  14. savory
    Pleasing to to the mind, in accordance with moral standards,or flavorful (NOT sweet, usually salty)
  15. Disconsolate
    hopelessly unhappy
  16. ardent
    • characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in
    • eager zealous support or activity <ardent proponents of the bill>
    • 2. fiery, hot <an ardent sun>
    • 3. shining, glowing <ardent eyes>
  17. brooding
    to dwell gloomily ona subject
  18. reprisal
    against an enemy for injuries done
  19. benignly
    adv. with the intention of doing something helpful,good-naturedly
  20. guileful
    adjective: insidiously cunning; artfully deceptive; wily
  21. dissimulation
    The act of concealing something under a false guise
  22. crannies
    breaks, gaps, or slits; a crevice
  23. beset
    • (usually used in a passive sentence) Set upon or burdened
    • with. The old man was beset by troubles during the long pilgrimage to hisholy city
  24. colloquy
    noun: a conversational exchange; dialog
  25. incur
    to bring or take upon oneself
  26. conveyance
    noun -transport
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