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  1. thomas jeffersons vision for the future of the U.S included:
    western territories populated by the independent yeoman farm families
  2. the coercive acts included
    all of the above
  3. yeoman and tenant farmers, influenced by the second great awakening..
    administrated strict discipline to their children
  4. in the early 19th century america
    the rise in poltical stausof ordinary white men was accomponied by a decline in the political rights of women and free blacks
  5. effect of republicansim on childrearing
    some evidence suggests that because parental discipline relaxed, children treated their parents with less respect
  6. transportation in the trans-appalachian west in the early 19th century
    water transport was the quickest and cheapest way to get goods market, but most new settlments were not near navigable streams
  7. the missouri compromise of 1820
    provided for maine to enter the union as a free state in 1820, and missouri to reenter as a slave state the following year
  8. education before the 1820s
    farmers,artisans,and laborers emphasized basic instruction in reading,writing,and arithmetic but saw little use for training in other subjects
  9. commonwealth system included
    state legislatures efforts ti stimulate commerce and economic development
  10. chesapeake slave owners increasingly rallied to patriot cause because..
    they were worried that the british would seize control of courts and assemblies in the south if they succeeded in doing so in massechusetts
  11. nationalists
    patriots who believed that the confederation should wither be strengthened or be replaced with a cental goveernment taht would be strong enough to control foreign commerce and impose tariffs
  12. in contemplating the opportunity to purchase lousiiana, jefferson..
    revised his view of presidential power under the constitution
  13. national market
    entrepreneurs were mobilizing the large rural workforce to manufacture and distribute goods throught the U.S
  14. alexander hamilton
    proposed making the U.S self sufficient in manufacturing
  15. trends in birthrates during the early 19th century
    the U.S experienced a significant decrease in birthrate-especially among native born white women in the growing seaport cities, who averaged only four children
  16. the second great awakening deeply influenced american cultural and social action because..
    it challenged the calvinist doctrine of predestination and helped to make american intellectual culture more optimistic
  17. the patriots succeeded in the american revolution mainly because
    abouth 2/3 of the population suported the war to some degree, and the army fought on its own territory
  18. the immediate cause of a duel in which vice president aaron burr killed alexander hamilton was..
    hamiltons accusation that burr was aiding in a plot to destroy the union
  19. changes in divorce shortly after 1800
    emotional complaints dominated divorce petitions
  20. the townshed act of 1767 imposed duties on..
    paper,paint, glass, teas imported into the colonies
  21. most instumental in arranging the missouri compromise
    henry clay
  22. whiskey rebellion significant for all EXCEPT
    when he learned that thomas jefferson covertly supported the insurgents, washington publicly borke with him, precipitating open party conflict
  23. the lewis and clark expedition was dispatched primarily to..
    report on the physical features and plant/animal life of the louisiana territory, in which jefferson took great scientific interest
  24. john adams recommended a bicameral legislature because he believed
    the upper house would check the power of popular majorities in the lower house
  25. jefferson responded to the barbary states threats by
    stopping the tribute taht the U.S had hitherto paid, retaliating when the barbary states renewed their attacks, then working out a diplomatic solution involving much lower tribute payments
  26. with linen and woolen cloth in short supply during the war years, patriot women responded by..
    increasing their output of homespun cloth
  27. by 1800, in the chesepeake region,
    most planters argued that slavery was a necessary evil required to maintain white supremacy and their elaborate lifestyles
  28. from the rationalists philosophies of the enlightenment, americand of the 1760s and early 1770s derived the idea..
    that individuals have certain natural rights
  29. the net effect of republican marriage patterns in the early 19th century america
    young wives could no longer rely on their parents for emotional or financial support and became more dependent on their husbands
  30. abigail adams
    insisted on equal legal rights for married women
  31. westward migration of new englanders during the 1790s and 1800s
    much of the land in the areas where the settlers arrived had already fallen into the hands of politicaly well connected speculators
  32. the enormous increase of paper currency in circulation during the war years
    quickly fell in value
  33. in efforts to improve transportation at the beginning of the 19th century
    state governments chartered private companies to construct turnpikes and canals
  34. the outcome of the stamp act of 1765 compares to that of the crisis of the townshed duties in 1768 by.
    the stakes had risen
  35. marbury vs. madison
    marked the first occasion on which the supreme court declared that it had the power to rule national laws unconstitutional
  36. the stamp act
    protested the loss of american rights and liberties and declared that only elected representatives could impose taxes on colonists
  37. effect of the second great awakening on women
    the rate of premarital pregnancy dropped in new england towns
  38. in their protet against the alien and sedition acts, jefferson and madison..
    took the fight to the state legislatures, setting forth a states right to interpretation of the constitution
  39. sentimentalism consequence
    it deeply influenced the kind of literature people read and plays they saw
  40. boston massacre
    radical whigs accused the british of deliberately planning killings
  41. the continental army
    enlisted most of its recruits from the lower ranks of society, poor native born youths and old foreign born men
  42. parental control over children's marriages by 1800
    becase landholdings shranks, parents lost leverage over their childrens choices of marital partners
  43. valley forge
    while the ill equipped, underfed continental army huddled on a bleak hillside west of philidelphia, british troops were comfortably housed in the city for the winter
  44. a political ideology that repudiates rule by kings and princes and celebrates representative system of government and a vitruous, public-spirited citizenry is called..
  45. more women were becoming teachers because
    school authorities could pay women less then they could pay men
  46. benjamin rush argued women should be educated so they could..
    oversee the instruction of their sons in the principles of liberty and government
  47. major legacy of shays rebellion
    illustrated a need for strong federal government
  48. at the first continental congress, new england delegates advocated..
    political union and defensive military preparations
  49. under the articles of confederation
    each state retained its sovereighnety and independence
  50. in the mid 1770s, the loyalists
    feared the violence the rebels were using to enforce nonimportation would lead to mob rule
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