Luke Goes to Bat

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  1. How does Luke feel when the other kids won't let him play?
    He feels sad and dissapointed.
  2. Why does Luke believe the ball is the one Jackie hit?
    Luke saw the ball fly high and out of the park and he has a strong imagination.
  3. What happens after Jackie Robinson has two strikes and three balls?
    He hits a home run.
  4. How does Luke's brother show that he cares about Luke?
    He tries to make Luke feel better after he strikes out.
  5. What does Luke do to practice playing baseball?
    He throws a ball, swings a stick, and runs as fast as he can.
  6. Why does Luke practice?
    He wants to be ready for when gets to play with the other kids.
  7. Why do people say crowds roar?
    When everyone yells and cheers at once, it sounds like a giant animal roaring.
  8. Based on what you know about Luke, why do you think he runs up to his roof after the game is over?
    He wants to see the lights of Ebbets Field one more time and remember what happened at the game.
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