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  1. american political system before the 1820s
    local notables dominated it by managing local elections through devices such as loaning money and treating workers or tenants to drinks
  2. corrupt bargain
    john quincy adams apparant deal with henry clay, whereby clays supporters would vote for adam who would then name clay secretary of state
  3. effect of democrats political message in the 1828 campaign
    jacksons attack on special privilege-especially corrupt bankers- appealed to urban workers and artisans in the northeast
  4. andrew jacksons first inaugoration was
    marred by his supporters mobbing the white house to shake his hand
  5. for political advise, president jackson relied on
    and informal group of advisors caled the kitchens cabinet
  6. in his tract, the south carolina exposition and protest,john c calhoun anonymously..
    claimed that ebcause the constitiution had bee ratified in state conventions, a state could determine whether a federal law should apply within the bornders of that state
  7. in response to south carolinas claimed nullification, andrew jackson
    asked congress for a forced bill authorizing him to use miliatery to suppress any act of nullification
  8. the most important funtion of the second bank of the united states was to
    stabalize the nations money supply by forcing state banks to periodicaly convert their paper money into gold and silver coin
  9. jackson vetoed the bill to recharther the second bank because
    he thought it was subversive to the rights of state and to the liberties of the people
  10. andrew jacksons intentions to native americans
    he mena t to remove all of them east of the mississippi, event hose who adapted to the white society
  11. bad axe massacre
    U.S troops ended their pursuit of black hawks followers in wisconsin, killing all but 150 of 1000 warriors
  12. worcester vs. georgia
    indian nations were distinct political communities within which their authority is exclusive
  13. charles river bridge co. vs. warren bridge co.
    encouraged competitive enterprise, opening the way for legislatures to charter railroad companies that would compete with canal and turnpike companies
  14. congressional whigs were initially united only by their
    opposition of andrew jackson
  15. working men;s part called for
    abolition of banks, fair taxation, and universal public education
  16. employers sued many unions, charging the illegality of..
    closed shop agreements
  17. the panic of 1837 began when..
    the bank of england stopped investment in the U.S
  18. commonwealth verse hunt
    a union was not inherently a criminal organization
  19. presidential campaign of 1840
    the whigs campaign was a carnival of speeches, parades, and mass meetings to demonstrate the common man qualities of their preseidential candidate
  20. american party system by the early 1840s
    the practice of americans voting for a particular party along ethnic and religious lines began to emerge
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