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  1. by 1840 the south was on the cutting edge of the market revolution because...
    ot produced and exported 1.5 million bales of raw cotton , over 2/3 of the world supply
  2. white planters moved tot he lower south to
    invest in agricultural development
  3. cotton planters class of the southwest
    goal of the planter class was to make money
  4. does NOT explain how the federal government played a role in expanding slavery
    expanded participation in the international slave trade after 1807
  5. planters attempted to resolve a labor crisis in the cotton south by..
    buying slaves fromt he chesapeake region through domestic slave trade
  6. sugar plantations in the south were characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
    a high rate of american slave fertility
  7. white planters provided the human cargo of domestic slave trade through all of the following ways EXCEPT
    selling slaves to the federal government
  8. why is domestic slave trade crucial to the southern economy
    provided tens of thousands of new workers to build plantations
  9. the domestic slave trade effected the african american family unirt before 1865 by..
    seperating family members through sale and trade
  10. the plantation elite was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
    plantation elites owned more then 1000 slaves
  11. gang labor system of cotton plantation labor
    gang labor included white overseers and black drivers
  12. smallholders of slaves in the south
    held 1-5 black laborers in bondage
  13. planters failed politically to dominate the south becausw..
    they lived in a republican society with democratic institutions such as the secret ballot
  14. white southerners failed to diversify the southern economy for all of the following EXCEPT
    they blamed white notherners for enconomically exploiting white southerners
  15. a mroe unified african american culture began to emerge in the early decades of the 19th century because..
    the rapid transfer of slaves form other regions into the lower mississippi valley significantly minimized culutral differences
  16. african american marriage customs in the south
    many slave couples, following african customs, jumped over a broomstick in public ceremony to signify their union
  17. african american marriage and childbearing
    most married slaves who were not seperated by sale lived in stable unions and had most of their children whille they were together
  18. trends in slave living conditions
    as blacks formed stronger social, family, and cultural ties, they were in a better position to resist the breakup of families through sale by their owners
  19. blacks resistance to slavery by the 1820s
    in their situation, most blacks had no choice but to build the ebst possible lives for themselves
  20. free blacks in the south
    generally awknowledged unity with the enslaved population
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