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  1. Of Studies?
    • by sir francis bacon
    • studying is applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject, especially through reading
  2. Of marriage and single life?
    • by sir francis bacon
    • married men live longer than single men, byt married men are more willing to die
  3. Sir francis bacon?
    • renaissance man
    • died from bronchitis burying a chicken
  4. Metaphysical poetry?
    • written in the manner of everyday speech
    • experiments with language in imaginative ways
    • disrupts poetic manner
  5. Metaphysical conceit?
    • an extended metaphor
    • *like a paragraph that goes into greath depth
  6. paradox?
    a statement that seems contradictory but suggests the truth
  7. king of metaphysical poetry?
    John Donne
  8. Holy Sonnet 10?
    • by John Donne
    • personifys death as if it is a person
    • death is like a second compared to eternity
  9. Mediation 17?
    • by John Donne
    • no matter what everyone is connected
  10. "No man is an island, entire of itself"
    • from mediation 17
    • means that no one is alone
  11. John Donne?
    • dean of st. paul's
    • writing sermons was his calling
  12. Anne Moore?
    • John Donne's wife
    • Donne was put in jail because they eloped
  13. Sir Thomas Edgerton?
    • john donne's employer
    • anne moore's uncle
  14. On my first son?
    • by ben jonson
    • poet's response to his son's death
    • son was his "best piece of poetry"
  15. Still to be Neat?
    • by ben jonson
    • likes a women who is natural, than all dressed up
  16. Ben jonson?
    leader in literary world
  17. Works?
    • a volume of ben jonsons's plays and poems
    • *was controversial
  18. Cavalier poetry?
    • rich people poetry
    • ex.) to the virgins; to his coy mistress; to lincasta
  19. To the virgins, to make much of time?
    • by Robert Herrick
    • *get married while your yong
  20. To his coy mistress?
    • by Andrew Marvell
    • the speaker will give her all that she wants if she does it with him and stays with him
  21. To Lincasta, going to the wars?
    • by richard lovelace
    • the poet is telling a girl that he is going off to war.she will love him even more when he gets back because he just went and fought
  22. greatest songwriter ever born of english race?
    robert herrick
  23. andrew marvell?
    known for political activities
  24. richard lovelace?
    wrote his best poetry when he was imprisoned
  25. How soon hath time?
    • by John Milton
    • about his loss of youth
    • experiance everything you can while your young
  26. When i consider how my light is spent?
    • by John Milton
    • about his loss of sight
    • *accept what your given and God will welcome you
    • Milton accepted his blindness
  27. paradise lost?
    • by john milton
    • biblical mixed w/ mythological
    • classical references: greek and roman
  28. John Milton?
    • masterpiece-paradise island, Samson Agunistis
    • went blind from too much eye strain, wrote his most important poetry during this time
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