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  1. ay, goddess, that musch is true but still, i ahve some vause to fret in this affair. i am one man; how can i whip those dogs?
    odysseus to athena. odysseushas self doubt and athena reassures him. this is about the battle with the suitors. its before the bow challenge and after the similie of him being asausage
  2. mercy on a suppliant, odysseus! my gift is song for men and for the gods undying.
    my death will be remorse for you hereafter. no one taught me:deep in my mind a god shaped all the various ways of life in song. and i am fit to make verse in your company as in teh god's. put aside lust for blood. yor own dear son telemakhos can tell you, never by my own will or for love did i feast here or sing amid the suitors. they were too stong, too many; the compelled me.
    thethe minstrel pemios begs for his life. this shows that odysseus is kind hearted
  3. here i am dear prince; but rest your spear! tell your great father nit to see in me a suitor for the swords edge-- one of those who laughed at you and ruined his property
    medou (the herald) to telemakhos asking for mercy shows that telemakhos cares about people
  4. mother cruel mother do you feel nothing, drawing yourself apart this way fromf ather? will you not sit with hima nd talk and question his? what other woman could remain so cold? who shuns her lord and he come back to her from wars and wandering, after 20 years? your heart is hard as flint and never changes!
    telemakhos is outraged at his mother because she did not go to odysseus immediately. this shows his love for his family
  5. o fortunate odysseus, master mariner and soldier, blessed son of old laertes. the girl you brought home made a valiant wife! true to her husband's honor and her own, penelope, ikarios' faithful daughter! the very gods themselves will sing her story for men on earth-- mistress of her own heart, penelope! tynadareus' daughter waited too -- how differently! klytaiminestra the adulteress waited to stab her lord and king. that song will be forever hateful. a bad name she gave to woman kind, even the best
    the ghost of agamemnon talking to odysseus who isnt really there, he is expressing how penelope is the only good woman. its after odysseus kils the suitors
  6. woman, by heavan you've stung me now! who dared to move my bed? no builder had teh skill for that-- unless a god came down to turn the trick. no mortal in his best days could budge it with a crowbar. there is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed my handy work and no one else's
    odysseus to penelope, he is finally showing emotion after penelope told him the bed he made from and olive tree was moved. this proved to penelope that odysseus still loved her
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