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  1. Artes, scientia, veritas: Arts, knowledge, truth
    University of Michigan
  2. Civium in moribus rei publicae salus: The welfare of the states lies in the character of its citizens.
    University of Florida
  3. Crescat scientia, vita excolatur: Let knowledge grow, let life be enriched
    University of Chicago
  4. Disciplina praesidium civitatis: Training, the defense of the state
    University of Texa
  5. Ecce quam bonum: Behold how good
    University of the South (Sewanee)
  6. In Deo speramus: In God we trust
    Brown University
  7. In lumine tuo videbimus lumen: In your light, we shall see the light
    Columbia University
  8. Litteris dedicata et omnibus artibus: Dedicated to letters and all the arts
    University of Nebraska
  9. Lux et lex: Light and law
    University of North Dakota
  10. Lux et veritas: Light and truth
    Yale University
  11. Lux hominum vita: Light, the life of men
    University of New Mexico
  12. Lux sit: Let there be light
    University of Washington
  13. Mens agitat molem: Mind moves the mass
    University of Oregon
  14. Mihi cura futuri: My care is for the future
    Hunter College
  15. Nil sine magno labore: Nothing without great labor
    Brooklyn Colleg
  16. . Non sibi, sed suis: Not for herself, but for her own
    Tulane University
  17. Perstare et praestare: To persevere and surpass
    New York University
  18. Pro ecclesia et patria: For church and country
    Trinity College
  19. Respice, adspice, prospice: Look to the past, look to the present, look to the future
    City College of New York
  20. . Salus populi: The welfare of the people
    University of Missouri
  21. Sapientia et doctrina: Wisdom and knowledge
    Fordham Universit
  22. Scientia sol mentis: Knowledge, the sun of the mind
    Delaware College
  23. Studiis et rebus honestis: To honorable pursuits and deed
    University of Vermon
  24. Terras irradient: Let them illuminate the earth
    Amherst College
  25. Veritas: Truth
    Harvard University
  26. Veritas vos liberabit: The truth will set you free
    Johns Hopkins University
  27. Virtute et armis: By valor and arms
    University of Mississipp
  28. Vox clamantis in deserto: The voice of one crying in the wilderness
    Dartmouth College
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