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  1. The digestive system
    breaks down food into nutrients that can be used by the body. The stomach breaks down food into tiny pieces. Nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.
  2. Body systems
    work together, share organs, and communicate.
  3. Blood vessels transport
    chemical messages from the endocrine system and cells from the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems.
  4. Cells communicate by
    electrical messages and chemical messages.
  5. Describe electrical messages
    Nerve cells transfer information between the body and the spinal cord and brain. Nerves mass electrical messages from one cell to the next along the line.
  6. Describe chemical messages
    The endocrine system sends chemical messages through the bloodstream to certain cells.
  7. The endocrine system releases
    hormones to prepare the body for action.
  8. In baseball, the eyes (part of the nervous system) see the ball coming and
    send electrical messages to the brain.
  9. The heart of the cardiovascular system pumps quickly to move
    blood from the lungs to the body. The muscles use oxygen from the blood to keep moving.
  10. Define homeostasis
    The maintenance of a constant environment when outside conditions change. Responding to change allows all systems to work properly.
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