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  1. Organ systems help organisms
    get energy, use energy to run their bodies and move, reproduce, get rid of waste, protect their bodies, and coordinate all the functions of a body.
  2. Organ systems are formed from
    groups of organs working together.
  3. Nerves detect a stimulus in the environment and send a signal to the brain through the
    spinal cord. The brain sends a signal to respond.
  4. The muscular system
    allows movement of body parts. It works with the skeletal system to help you move.
  5. The skeletal system
    is made up of bones, ligaments, and cartilage. It supports the body and protects important organs. It also makes blood cells.
  6. The respiratory system
    gathers oxygen from the environment and gets rid of carbon dioxide from the body. The exchange occurs in the lungs.
  7. The lymphatic system
    returns leaked fluid back to the blood. As a major part of the immune system, it has cells that help get rid of invading bacteria and viruses.
  8. The endocrine system
    makes chemical messages that help to regulate conditions inside the body. They also influence growth and development.
  9. The cardiovascular system
    moves blood through the body. The heart is the pump for this system. Blood flows through blood vessels.
  10. The excretory system
    gets rid of the body's wastes. The urinary system removes wastes from blood. The skin, lungs, and digestive system also remove wastes from the body.
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