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  1. When in American history were strides really made in the area of special education?
    the civil rights movement
  2. rights that all citizens of a society are supposed to have
    civil rights
  3. What is an example of the lack of opportunities for people with disabilities in the 1970's?
    1 million children were excluded from school
  4. What was the first law to outline basic civil rights of people with disabilities?
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
  5. What are some characteristics of Section 504?
    • helped improve access to buildings and other parts of society
    • required accommodations in schools and in society to help the disabled
    • set stage for future legislation
  6. What are some examples of what Section 504 did?
    • low vision students were allowed to move to the front row
    • simplifying apperance of work sheets
    • extra time on exams
    • ebooks
  7. What law guaranteed FAPE in LRE?
    PL 94-142 Education for All Handicapped Children (EHA)
  8. What law was reauthorized after 10 years and then every 3-5 years?
    PL 94-142 Education for All Handicapped Children
  9. What law added infants and toddlers and provided IFSP's to its services?
    EHA reauthorized
  10. what is the program that had school's looking for future students who needed special help?
    Child find
  11. What was EHA renamed as?
  12. What law added autism and traumatic brain injury (TBI) as categories and also added transition plans?
    IDEA: 1990
  13. What law focused more on adults and normalization into daily life?
    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  14. What were some things that ADA helped to create or improve?
    • reduced discrimination for employment
    • improved access to public education
    • focused on universal design
    • broader definiteion of disabilities
  15. determines why students act in a certain way
    manifest detemination
  16. what law added FBAs and BIPs to IEPs?
    IDEA '97
  17. What law added ADHD into the "other health impaitments" category?
    IDEA '97
  18. What law had the purpose of increasing proficiency in reading and math for all student?
    • Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
    • No Child Left Behind
  19. What was one unrealistic goal of ESEA (No Child Left Behind)?
    called for 100% proficiency of all students in reading and math by 2012
  20. What law supported the school-to-work transition with the help of technical devices?
    ASsistive Technology Act (ATA)
  21. A law that stated that special education teachers must be highly qualified?
    IDEA '04
  22. What are some elements of IDEA '04?
    • students with disabilities must participate in state testing but may accomidations on their IEP
    • eliminated short term IEP objectives to lessen paperwork
  23. a specific behavior plan used to address any problem areas?
    Behavior Intervention Plan
  24. used to determine the exact nature of the problem
    Functional Behavior Assessments
  25. LRE
    least restrictive environment
  26. IDEA
    individuals with disabilities education act
  27. FBA
    functional behavior assessment
  28. IEP
    individualized education plans
  29. FAPE
    free, appropriate education
  30. ADA
    Americans with disabilities act
  31. BIP
    Behavioral Intervention Plan
  32. IFSP
    individual family service plan
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