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  1. Describe white blood cells.
    The lymphatic system is where white blood cells mature. Some of them stay in the lymphatic system where they attack invading pathogens.
  2. What are lymph nodes?
    Lymph nodes are small, bean shaped organs that remove pathogens and dead cells from lymph. White blood cells are found in them.
  3. What are lymph vessels?
    Lymph vessels are the thin walled vessels of the lymphatic system. They carry lymph back to lymph nodes.
  4. What is bone marrow?
    Bone marrow is the soft tissue inside of bones where blood cells are produced.
  5. What are tonsils?
    Tonsils are small lymphatic organs at the back of the throat and tongue. An infection of the tonsils is called tonsillitis. When tonsils get infected, they may become swollen.
  6. What is the thymus?
    The thymus is an organ in the chest. Some white blood cells made the bone marrow finish developing in the thymus.
  7. What is the spleen?
    The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ. It stores white blood cells and also allows them to mature.
  8. What are some disorders of the lymphatic system?
    • Lymphoma is a type of cancer that often begins in a lymph node. It can cause a swelling in the node called a tumor.
    • Lymphadema is a swelling of body tissues caused by a blockage or injury to lymph vessels.
  9. What is the cardiovascular system and what does it do?
    The cardiovascular system is the organ system that carries nutrients, gases, and hormones to body cells and waste products from body cells. It also helps keep the different parts of your body at an even temperature. It is made up of your heart, blood vessels, and blood.
  10. What is your heart?
    The heart is the pump that sends blood around your body. When heart muscle contracts, it squeezes the blood inside the heart. This squeezing creates a pressure that pushes blood through the body.
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