8/1/12 pt2

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  1. zeppelin building
    farringdon road (just below clerkenwell rd)
  2. zeppelin raid plaque
    farringdon road (just below clerkenwell rd)
  3. homa restaurant
    stoke newington church st -opp fire stn
  4. kingsland scouts
    bouverie street -sdor up from stoke church st
  5. abney hall
    stoke newington church st- opp fire stn
  6. evergreen square
    celendine drive/ -runs n/s to richmond rd/ middleton road
  7. vortex jazz club
    gilett street - off kingsland high st/ boleyn road
  8. turkish cultural centre
    kingsland road/ sulimanye mosque
  9. kingsland fire station
    kingsland road
  10. michael palin centre for stammering
    northampton road / finsbury health centre
  11. hackney community college
    falkirk street
  12. bridewell theatre
    bride lane / off fleet st/ new bridge st
  13. burlesque club
    farringdon road -near to farringdon station
  14. sea containers house/ new kings beam house
    upper ground -stamford st, rennie st in
  15. london nautical school
    stamford street
  16. southwark college
    the cut
  17. windmill tavern se1
    the cut
  18. travelodge london southwark hotel
    union street
  19. crowne house
    southwark street -on north, e side corner of southwark bridge road. may need thrale rd to t/a
  20. the bowler pub
    bowling green lane/ northampton road
  21. ev bakery
  22. hatfields
    the cut/ upper ground
  23. salvation army hq
    newington causeway
  24. london metropolitan archives
    northampton road
  25. chatterbox topless club
    farringdon road (above clerkernwell rd)
  26. bookshop theatre
    the cut
  27. meson-de-felipe restaurant
    the cut
  28. box shop
    union street
  29. arts alley
    the cut -near to nelson sq
  30. union jack pub
    union st -on corner of great suffolk street
  31. nelson sq
    union st
  32. the ring boxing club
    great suffolk street
  33. mercure hotel london city bankside
    southwark street
  34. novas gallery
    southwark bridge road -below southwark street
  35. dragon castle restaurant
    walworth road
  36. black roof house
    knachbull road
  37. geraldine street
    west sq/st georges road
  38. cumming museum
    walworth road
  39. heygate street
    walworth road/ rodney road
  40. rust square
    kitson road/ addington sq/ camberwell road
  41. wyndham road
    camberwell road/ camberwell new road
  42. medlar street
    camberwell new road/ camberwell road
  43. onion shed theatre
    lothian road
  44. brass mongoose restaurant
    new bridge st - sdol n bound just past tudor st
  45. myatt fields
    knatchbull road
  46. camberwell bus garage
    warner road
  47. st giles road
    peckham road/ elmington road
  48. brundswick park
    st giles road/ benhill road
  49. dulwich constitutional hall
    east dulwich grove
  50. new cross fire station
    queens road
  51. south london gallery
    peckham road
  52. southwark town hall
    peckham road, justr past havill st
  53. clock house pub
    peckham rye/ barry road
  54. pullens restaurant
    railton road
  55. goose green centre
    east dulwich road slip / ady's rd/ grove vale
  56. peckham pule
    melon road / peckham high street
  57. charter school
    red post hill
  58. landor pub and theatre
    landor road
  59. lambeth hospital
    landor road
  60. lings coppice
    croxted road / below dulwich common
  61. JAGS (james allen girls school)
    east dulwich grove
  62. north dulwich tennis club
    east dulwich grove
  63. brixton mosque& islamic cultural centre
    gresham road -opp police station
  64. brixton fire station
    gresham road
  65. moat place
    stockwell road -sdor n bound just below stockwell green
  66. balham health centre
    bedford hill -sdor s bound
  67. balham lesuire centre
    elmfield road - balham high rd in/out
  68. cheriton sq
    elmfield road
  69. balham bowling club
    ramsden road -bottom part sdol in from balham hi rd
  70. balham library
    ramsden road- sdor next to waitrose
  71. hildrest street market
    balham high road/ bedford hill
  72. balham youth court
    balham high road
  73. white eagle club
    balham high road/ hamilton house
  74. du cane court
    balham high road
  75. london regiment t/a centre
    st johns hill? near to station i thinks?
  76. fish club
    st johns hill -sdol w bound before marcilly road
  77. revolution bar sw11
    falcon rd/ on corner -use falcon lane to set down on l
  78. falcon arms pub
    falcon road- bang on corner of st johns hill- forced into falcon rd
  79. fish in a tie restaurant
    falcon rd - on cnr of este rd
  80. the coda centre
    munster road
  81. imperial studios
    imperial road
  82. wyfold road
    munster road
  83. fulham cemetary
    fulham palace road
  84. thames wharf studios
    rainville road
  85. london corinthian sailing club
    upper mall- weltje road in out
  86. new chiswick pool
    edensor road
  87. dolphin sq
    edensor road
  88. egyptian house pub
    blomfontein road
  89. chiswick house
    burlington lane
  90. hagarth buisness park
    burlington lane
  91. piccolo play centre
    bottom of duke road facing
  92. william hogarth school
    duke road sdol @ bottom -can use frazer in/out
  93. la trompette restaurant
    devonshire road soor- lor, l ingress st, l annadale road
  94. chiswick library
    dukes avenue
  95. barley mon centre
    dukes ave -next to chiswick library
  96. sulgrave club
    goldhawk road
  97. anglesea arms
    wingate road
  98. ellersie road
    blomfontaine road/ loftus road
  99. janet adegoke sports centre
    blomfontayne road
  100. islington arts factory
    parkhurst road -opp prison
  101. the volunteer w1
    baker street sdor -next to beetles shop
  102. americana hotel w1
    gloucester place- can l rossmore road...
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