Florida Mangroves case Study

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  1. In general what are the 8 pressures on the coastline of Florida?
    • Population
    • Construction
    • Housing
    • Erosion
    • Tourism
    • Industry
    • Landbased tourism
    • Infrastructure
  2. Expand on Population pressure
    • Since the 1940’s the population of Florida has risen from 2 million to 16 million in 2010.
    • Since 1990 the population growth rates in many coastal countries have risen at a rate of 20%.
    • Every day 1,000 old people move in.
  3. Expand on Construction
    • All of these new people need homes to live.
    • Wetlands – an in depth analysis of satellite imagery by the St. Petersburg Times shows Florida has lost 84,000 acres of wetland to development since 1990.
  4. Expand on Housing
    • Sewage: Florida has over 1,000 waters considered too polluted for drinking, fishing and swimming.
    • In 2004 Florida had 3,345 beach warnings or advisoriesbecause of unsafe levels of bacteria in the water.
    • This is due to the 3million to 4 million onsite sewage disposal systems in Florida.
  5. Expand on Erosion
    • Of Florida’s 825miles of sandy beaches, 38% are in a state of critical erosion and
    • more than half are eroding factors due to factors such as beachfront building and navigational inlets
  6. Expand on Tourism
    • Cruiseships- Florida is one of the most popular places for cruise
    • ships in the world. BUT in one week a cruise ship on average will make 210,000 gallons of black sewage. Much
    • of this sewage goes back to the beaches
  7. Expand on Industry
    • 25% increase in the shrimp demands so Mangroves have suffered the repercussions of the deforestation of
    • the for the purpose of artificial ponds. 50%
    • of mangroves have been removed for shrimp farms
  8. Expand on Land based toursim
    6million people camp in Florida
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