World History Midterm

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  1. Patricians VS. Plebeians
    • Origin: Rome
    • Era: Roman Republic
    • Important Facts:
    • - Plebeians wre the commonors who served in the Assembly

    • - Patricans were nobles who were able to serve in the Sentate
    • - Conflect between Plebeians and Patricans lead to the Assembly
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
    • Origin: Itlay
    • Era: Renaissance
    • Important Facts:
    • - He was the best example of a Renaissance man

    -He was an accomplished artist, invertor, scienicetist, and engernieer
  3. Martin Luther
    • Origin: Germany
    • Era: Protestant Reformation
    • Important Facts:
    • -He stared the Protestan Reformation and had the first protestan faith named after him Lutheranism
    • -He beleived that selling of indulgence was wrong the Chatholic church was curupted so it needed to change it's ways

    -He posted 95 these tell the people everything wrong with the Roman Chatholic Church
  4. King John
    • Origin: England
    • Era: Middle ages or Mid-evil
    • Imptortant Facts:
    • -
  5. King Louis XIV
    • Origin: France
    • Era:
    • Important Fact:
    • - He was an alsolute rulers; he had complete control over the people and government

    - He beleived in the Divine Right of Kings which ment he believed that he got his power for god

    - He maintained complete authority of his kingdom by distracting noble with gambleing and hosting lots of ceremines

    - He taxed his people alot and with that tax money he built the Palace of Versailles

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