Stats Definitions 1

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  1. Design
    planning how to obtain data to answer questions of interest
  2. Description
    Summarizing the data that are obtained
  3. Inference
    Making decisions and predictions based on the data
  4. Descriptive Statistics
    Uses numbers and graphs to look for patterns, to summarize, and to present the information in sample data
  5. Inferential Statistics
    uses sample data to make estimations, decisions, predictions, or other generalizations about a population and measure their reliability
  6. Population
    set of all measurements of interest to the investigator
  7. Sample
    subset of the population
  8. Variable
    characteristic that changes or varies over time and/or for diferent individuals or objects under consideration
  9. Parameter
    numerical value summarizing the population data
  10. Statistic
    a numerical value summarizing the sample data
  11. Experimental Units
    objects on which measurements are taken
  12. Univariate Data
    a single variable is measured on a single experimental unit
  13. Bivariate Data
    2 variables are measured on a single experimental unit
  14. Multivariate Data
    more than 2 variables are measured on a single experimental unit
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